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Following the corrp e* or of Mesiniaga in 1992. tear;? series of bioclimatic crty-oemr* -KuaJa Lumpur and Penang ^

3E5L4 bo" Menara TA' a~d CerVa Pfe&j both wt«d n ✓ Lumpur*» 'GTriangle -

certraJ Penang /A e UWiO projed a Penary n—,v>. iff development of pi" ar natura /»'* ---// ryj - and « dea."» // th separately. r,.

cor>stra"tts and formal s»mda/itie«, and - - - vr» -ey'y-Each tower has alr»v>st identical prograr -nafc thar*'.»- - -with /ar/ing site conditions and orientat«« gyt, - »^c- ^ reuiftarit forms are sim ar in «fence, arsd prese" the y-/><r a -> m slab-tower with the inherent difficulties of two r/yjs« elongated facades with thm ends In his feas'/ 1/ sirefcfo ».-Ms dev.' '>d *r •. cond t»or a-, * "... cigarette pack 4 -

The towers each incorporate a plinth of car-parv.'?*«/- »" generous naturally ventilated entrance courts togette- ► • ' facilities such as banking halls and restaurants a! the part " Above the parking floors, the separated offce spaces < perimeter columns to yield the maximum free fta* ^ i U : tower has some communal uses at roof level, wch « fJ"e covered terrace atop Menara TA1 or the swimming poc/ f * Plaza

In both cases, it is the plan form that is of partus "<* ^ impact of the design decisions on the overall formal vdr 30 cases one long edge zone is occupied by all services ' primary circulation, which is functionally expressed - a shield in Menara TA1 and south facing in Central P<<": TA1 plan is capsule shaped with rounded end-forms-« ■ ' the non-coincidence of site and sun-path geometry ' ^ geometrically reduces the length of the north-south ar-d ^ external walls, and thus the direct insulation The Cif,tfl ^^ has expressed V-form cross-bracing at the east and w* ' ultra-slim tower, and on the west face «he glazing is withdrawn behind this framework to provide shading and Incidental »ky-courts with planting on the east far r Central Plaza incorporates stepped planting - a complete plan zone - on the north face, with the north-east corner glazed into a curved 'orm, with solar-reflective glass, that *'vti to the distant Ampang hills Menara TA1 incorporates an extended semi-enclosed atrium on the southern facade, which is expressed by paired exposed columns and intermediate steel skycourt balconic.

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