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energy & meteríais inputs passive low enerQy responses energy & meteríais inputs passive low enerQy responses

Natural Ventilated

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Internal interdependence« relate to building'« environmental operational «y«tems

There are four level« of provision« tor internal environmental operational «y«tem«

• pa««lve mode (le low energy design without the use ol any electro-mechanical «y«tem«)

• mixed mode (le partially electro-mechanically ai«i«ted «ystem« that opbmi«e other ambient energies of the locality)

• full mode (le active systems with low eneigy and low environmental impacts)

• productive mode (le systems that generate on-sitr energy eg photovoltaic systems)

Our design strategy must be to maximise the u«age of passive-mode systems (because ol its lowest level of energy consumption), with the remaining energy needs to be met by mixed-mode systems, then full-mode systems and productive mode systems (where affordable)

types of modes of operational systems

productive mode (full)

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