potential grey water gravity fed filtration ijitim water recycling

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• NMMi *«r <•» a mi<b-«w e«pe bmWm* «l future <«e iva* ar often (net »«at* area oí

9 288 tq re • 75* efftuewcyl or apartment*; A «it oí piara to (how owwumi to office <«* hai atao been prepared 0 net to |ium Moor efhoency

Water ^tuMcjency «by rr Mer-coaectiow) t> -he tower * at

• 1068 T' pe- 3ay « 365 lay « ittt •»• per anw—

• "ota< fwi-lat catchment area * 518 «3 m

• Smgapore average -antal annum . 1344 m

• tot» -ac - water ccdectuB ." Jia r- per annum

*ae<wale<-ojfc.u«» sysaem compra« of >ooi-<achment-pan and layen oí «cafapi ocated at die xam|> «acide to caacti -un mb iumi| off « san Water flow« mreufl» grawv-teo Mler-punftcaaon system j«mg taé ooó iMen The Mtereo-water acoxnutates «s a basement oorafle-lank. and a pumped to «he jpper-ietef stora(e-tan* tpr mat eg tor piant-engaaon and lodet-<luct»v> SAams water a only potable io%

water w4(ef

y rooftop I

Rain «rater catchment Scalopt

Rooftop Zone Water Goaador

3g potential grey water gravity fed filtration ijitim the advantages are

• site specific

low energy system

• based on established low technology

• recycles rainwater and greywater

• recycled water can be used for flushing toilets landscape Irrigation Indirect evaporative cooling In summer

• reduces mains water consumption ot building water recycling

ooficr«t® recycling by Battle M«< «rthy Coniultn

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solid waste recycling

Mechanical Wast« Separator

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ttOOtwn timber caanettes recyclirig iv«iy .un) i«iyillMn i

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• litlmulnd »lilil|(r 10 lilii -,/|i.'miii/(|»y

• IfWlj!« «ludfta follín t»d 10 (Itci » IHIpaiwin«

(li-lllll/nl Inl IIIf alwwlicir) nf lllíi Kd'. Iciftl

• «amaga waila Iraatmant

• «amaga waila Iraatmant

iivvmi lUllul

• bulldlng material* racydlng and rauta

Ijcm^m h.r. an ni bullí watií-managemrnl ty«t*ni Kncyclnabl« in.itfil.il'. air '.••p.iMlrtl nt •.muir 1 >y boppm -il cvriy di«» ihr'.i- drop down lo llir blMmonl Wrt-.tr wrp«f||orl, (lien lalirn »Iwiwheír by ii'i yilmn nm\iniir collrdlon luí iri yrliii)/ I /pri Inl in yi Ir.ililr wn-.li . ullr. lri| /(innimi papor / (ardbuard <11 *> melrir intuir*. I(|||V, / < rfdinlf - / 0 mnlrlc Intuir» mtU - 10 "1 rnnlrl" Intuir» Ibr hllllillllK I* dr-.ignrd I» lluvr inri lianli .illy |nlnrd t.nnnactlont ni rnolnnah .inri ili -.11111 lui.il lormvcllnm 1« t.i. illt.ilr tiiluir irir.r ,ind In yi lllifi .il Itir atld OÍ lllllklln JJ', UwM lilr

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1 r,.,"if W'nu tf ,», 10 iiMvr in iv Kf.liuli 1/



,rs/rroi ■. V" • ntAt nonr. ir. m^i. utrutMr tHUMMnurt. *JA\H. (f HftJT- "/

Photovoltaic. are used fOf greater energy stff-sufficiency

• fiwtAtr' photowAlur '.et energy outfW c 0 15 kWti sq m

• Total sunlight hour. per day 7 hour.

• Area of photcr/otUk 855 sq m Total daily energy output 898 kWh

• Estimated energy consumpt.on O 0 097 W/h /vq m enclosed & 0.038 kWh/sq m unenclosed «

(0 097 / 3.567 vj m) ♦ '0 038 / 2.4«5 <q m/ - 439 7 kWh

• Estimated daily energy consumption - 10 hrs / 439 7

4,397 IfWh

flit plate collector if oof mounted) automatic air vent pump station expansion chamber control panel dual cod hot water cylinder solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal collectors convert solar entry;/ into hot water and they may be used to supplement the hot water provision in the building They should be mounted at roof level as a standalone panel system

• embodied energy and CO/

Embodied-energy studies of the building are useful to indicate the building's environmental impacts Subsequently, estimates of CO/ emissions arising from building materials production may be made Design's embodied energy (prepared by our expert) is

Structural System

External wall and partition'. Root and ceilings

• Excavation

• Steel and concrete

• Timber 6 other material » Staircases 6 railings

• Floor finishes

• Curtain waH and bricks

> Aluminium cladding

• Other materials

> Concrete ft membrane

■ Water catchment and drainage

> Doors

■ Sanitary fittings


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