Kuala Lumpur Batc Signature Tower 1997

In order to describe the Signature Tower adequately it is essential to place it in the context of the overall development to which it belongs, as a key component.

The Business Advancement Technology Centre forms a massive mixed-urban development, incorporating some university faculties on the Semarak Campus of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The site is also related to the Central Business District of Kuala Lumpur. As both the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) are located less than 2 kilometres from the campus site it became strategically obvious to further expand its potential and deve'e-the overall site into a Satellite MSC. in a synergistic relationship the MSC itself. In principle, the project incorporates major educations research and development and electronic commerce related activities

The project is organised as a collaboration between the university, as landowner, and a property developer.

As an integrated urban masterplan. the project represents one of largest proposals Yeang has designed, and opens the opportunity to demonstrate the principles of his bioclimatic approach as appl*d w ^ design of tall buildings, and a larger high technology urban village transportation infrastructure.

'bid. Place Making'

The 47 •tor site is envisaged as .1 landscaped p.irk within which Hie huildirifs aie placed and serviced by «1 rentr.il series of public pla/as, boulevard walk ways and controlled (.if auess routes the rapid transit system (LRT) forms ,1 central spine with ,1 station at the mid point junction between retail, commercial and university facilities

The site Is divided, therefore, into three zones A central north south /one of the major public spaces and activities, edged on the east and west by two further fluid parkland areas into which the array of facilities are Inserted and attached to the central V form spine The W) storey Signature Office Tower and the five, to storey office towers arc sited within the parkland areas, as part of this ensemble

As landscaping is applied to the entire development, the whole Immense pro|ect Viewed from the peripheral roads is seen as a grand park with the buildings located and immersed within this natural setting The lowers are accessed via the mounted landscaped ground plane of the site, while water gardens and .oft landscaping are Introduced to enhance the pedestrian routes throughout the site in general Many of the routes provide weather protected, semi covered pedestrian circulation, free of vehicular Intrusion This Is .1 principle, related to the tropical climate that has il origins 111 Yeang's earlier work, such as his conceptual proposals for the Tropical Verandah City ol 1'JH/ "

Related ti> the overall principles of .1 landscape concept, landscaped and terraced skycourts have been incorporated at intervals In the office tower floors as they ascend, providing both an amenity for relaxation, and .1 continuous visual and physic il linkage, threading together all storeys The vertical urbanlsm, In this oi'.e, accords with .1 vertical ascension of public gardens and parks This concept r. further supported with Yeang's incorporation of public places In the sky the amenities of .1 traditional c ity, but vertically located In the towei forms Thus, m the instance of all six towers for the HAIC masterplan, the principles Yeang employed lor Ihe Singapore EDITI Tower are first enacted inlo a major exposition of the blocllmatlc skyscraper In turn these tall buildings all incorporate integrated Building Management Systems to control Internal conditions by monitoring Ihe immediate, external surroundings through .1 series of environmental sensors located on the rool effectively Yeang's version of a blocllmatlc weather station

The significance of the HAIC Towers lies in the fact that they exist as .1 part ol ■I much larger idea, centred on a harmony of biocllmatlc principles, and framed within the urban master plan, as a whole The HATC Centre and Branch ( impiis of UTM contains a School of Advanced Education Programmes In high technologies catering for ;>OfX) students This Is coupled with Industry, research ■ind development centres for 10 institutions, In ordci to advance business opportunities arising from Ihe research The associated High Technology Office-Park house-, companies Involved In the advanced technology Industry, Including IT and multimedia, and provides these occupants with the shared use of supci capability computer facilities as .1 basis for a significant centre of Innovation The masterplan also Incorporates major convention and exposition centres, information and resource centres and a Multimedia and II College Each of these facilities occupies either a linked edge site 01 a pari of the spinal •'"•■rigement further public facilities Include a major theme mall lor retail entertainment and recreation via multimedia applications; residential blocks to houv students, researchers and office workers; a four star hotel lor visitors «"d tourists, witti fully equipped business centres

HATC Tow»r

44 llir Troplul V«iand«h Oily', Kpii YMng. longimut (KujI<i lumpen). IM?

rhttt p-opm«!, ,J|«U„ Ihr onitpl of wml tov.rtcl, »h*d»d pwMrtan ilnuLllon «"<» '<•' <►>" <"»«*«' ",y

,A IM tAJC by and of ** (Mt** (AAJA *r<$ ix*"-'

ttr porta. longer «** 'A * am*** r«x*mm ***** nam, and south and the ***** «*» *****

VtW (am. *and rmtroom du**r% The vs **r\ totter («wtfc i««corporaf* bar** vrftf¡g ****** ** f/"m <*> "J '<v", 4

Ator Air level two vfJttrm rA p**Unt/uri ramps Attttmt* »h* a/Utf fwrtt ww) south far.*» up to level 40, rert-iong to m* south <ar.e or.iy U'.ff 46 fhrough fr, A', with the EOfTT To//*«'

fooTMfjom Art no tmportMfX par? of th* budding'* «•/pr*v../,r, rA f>urM 0rr.ut4tjuo arw1 th.* notion of vertKal urtjami/n i**r, a-. 1 h*i*n.Yr/ irttim th* tower form Othtruss th* tiorr,,r Art t.rsr,{s/..i>t,r *\*rr,er\t'. ■>!* the two vertical l«irto(K parks

'sn^/ru 4 U iff. rA ft*- af^al tf*A'. 4nri '.h fsmrf. af IT* hi (pier Ir-f i'. Tho-v 4f uift/TWirii by a r*mf*r>f/ pacV ar th* and f*r, /ift«er pa/V«. lifjntKiff-ri run th* Yi*\?hi rA ih*. burfdinfi w.tion th* r*r,ii4\ 4r,r) rrn/.t prtWgtfu* ftriitAr off,'.* Ur.il>'/ for th* iifwAr nr irUWirrH thr ,MtH4\w XnOfSm\*lie. ri*'.igf) often 4 tn-.t f.U'A rjaily rr,-iw*,rr*r,t It* Ai ouufMiti Th* ir,t*.imr.'.iw. rA (rWUMvn*. ■>/ V*'«'- H^'-ai fttfory '4>4tr.. with th* o-zeraJi d*-/irlr>p<n*nt of th«

vwti^ H4inrr,'. park r,t*mrir -Myrj^n vokk, 14k*r\ together. r/ mc.t IUir,tsr/4iit it tun propct r/f hrt current venc-.

Ort 4r<'Ah*r («vet, m.j/.h of ffc* Usr.hrnf.Ai ttwov&oo rA th* Sin^por*

,ijffT b* e/pert*r) tr> appear, when the project rt uH<rr.atef/ reaWrJ

Tflww ^mmar«« Veinf« ^ the SVyurap«r at ^ V•ft,<4, Crt> ,o 4kV ^ « pnmanly throu^ the verticaJ

Uru^ng iA mAtofi, programme-, of sqacm with.n the overall jrfM-ramm* of the tr«w « a -.pahal corwrrur.t ihrt idr-a « then 'u^r ^awrl by a thr« ^r hereby of orcuUhon vysterm and P^* ^ vjuares both a^n,

<"•'*» urban /^«n ^ ih* uaii _< p ih* «NA«C UMMTj lew*

Pve jrt* «he v^^ « a oi iaur «vj «« MJofer«- r e-zMnded 'sr/ S^r* •/. *

Th* 21-V"*/ I"*** * -r a / " .art-»

wa« of «fcevJMrs wl r«*t>oam vt^/vj» ca«-. «, r yeanit* o«^ mwcl nairtlr projecH r case tw ^ ^

'j',t* -rrr* v^T r*?*" 'v* v.ur ?«.' |M i |N|MM piirar ter^-ir^r. af th* «vyr?- ar<i loufh «tFerrv^-.

« ng tfut are parrjcUar W W* rwturji ^wOUtm strate^ of it* prof«i arr; ts office

Th* 6#5* of th* 'JMWO Tower a <J**i>y heigh* banMng ha« tog*tn*r *'»h th* f«»®*»

ca/-ramp«5 tha* g>/* icc*V5 vo p^.^ tg are« or *•»«• -. 2 T'.-.p- ? Le-/e< 6, th* porvjptl oca**** *sjot hcu*n at *jii<*rs um *rjt arvj awemW«*-. At»/e th»-. - *4 flow of office low ipace for e» Vr/eraJ floor'.. « e-/ei 9 arrt 12 -are e»'*r»v/* out «yr terraces, arri th* roof l*v*H -ire j by a -Nurtured

Th* sh•*-<!• accommocatjo^ of e^/jtor tobt»« ar*i '•«w are naturally ioo-W arvj /enMated and typ<a*y accord "arf; Iow -erxrg/ agerda Vn ^rty. «I ofhee ^oor-. atthough 4es /-eH ■ y air-cond'.on*d can ise nafuraJly rerrtjlated Tr* th.r p4ar -»or-i of ea<h floor-pUt*, mear.s that no d**Jr locatior -i more than 6 5 t^emr distant from an op*naW* *»ndo*v erabfcrg 4« ofhc* us*^- *o natural sunlight and /enMatJon Aithough th* protect *«s or gira% d*-agn*d for tenants to install the» own spfct ur-trt At cond-tjonr^ ** to expected low rental rates m Penang, uttorvatety a ctrtrM mr conditioning system ,nsta«ed The design for natural re»***'0' m its realised form, thus provides a back-up system for the bu**"* ' the event of power-failure

Major sun-shaded imtaiUbons on th* cunnhnear north-«»est ^ are solar orientated, and otitn/^ed sf»eld-shades are provided to « car parte floors, also on th« facade

But. rt is the wind wing-wall system, wtwch ,n th* case dom*ai« * streamlined form of the UMNO Tower architecture and it is (W^ *«n.ficant that Yeang ha* pervstenOy compared the /ertKJl-«* ' the budding, to the aerofod form of one to a one «id a hrf tmws «* •ength of a typ«cal (umbo ^t aircraft The symbol«: inference of budding airuream aircraft, and the cross-referencng of the «Elicited serviced she*, has long existed « Yeangs essays and ' certam protect», soch as th«. comes clover to a transferal*

The architect's own notes on the development of the wind *** ** *» oi ^«nihcance. as they desenbe h« system of ne**^ *


'Th« building has wind wing-walls to direct w«* 10 H^cW balcony zones that serve as pockets »<* ^ iocky h«v,"8 adjustable doors and panels to contr*

h»ving adjustable doors and panels percentage of openable windows, for nitunl

UMSO Toarer

UMSO Toarer

luvnatt Siyior^in «suy *«tHKtJt tor 1 Nr» W c» at p 6

¿-c r '¿s -cee- re case Jf —e «s^ of the ED ~T lower for S-isxre jses re yro« to create te—a cor-'ort condfccs -s —i m> juutem " "wnd-wafc' as a- devce - the -ai-'a

.»-t jsn strateg- ~-«sse rat er ,r denons&sfee >ea-* s R 2 & D

sr&gi n a secsje-ce Di.: rej a;se point uc the process -fei—s -es

; - M/i Messer - a ;"<ess t%at a ovk-s function ow-rrö design - -ocr.ttcetsc — to wou c ot~ er.\se be --st a- c~ce tower r -i cor- r-:cna - —e re : od -¿r.c skyscraper \as

-c: _t e«ove«l a -rr a r.oe au: -as developed cc~ ow-energy arcr>teetufe i*c ~f äMti > of vecci «bantsm.

"is towers as they ascend in Kuala Lur-pur or Penang or -5 C- -- City seer- - the - paraaoxicai mix of orders ana ces -es tc ach eve a synthesis exactly appropriate to the cu pror- se of South-East Asia, their warrior-like stance ready ior ire econor- c revolutions of the new century". -

-1 fact ~at <er Vtang -as orc^g~: about -«s sustarvable ¿rc~ tect_-e a~c - "inSe of aceve-erts » - a hars-n corr -■eroa. en\ -or -e-t - tsdf s ~er*<r>2*t yjt ewer -¡ore rrportant is the fact that he wort: and the -civets err. "--<-t5 - 5 0 Igs offer has abetted the c_a>.ty o' -e for :Ajr«ess occjoira for the better vor ftjdunis

^ of Vchtect-'e i UrxJscape ^"^ven^y of Newcisöe UK

ltoo Thrs bu is probably the first high-rise office t*at uses wind as natural ventiafcon foe creat -g corr-fort cP^St**« inside the build ng ... For 'ntema; comfort as , r * (dmg, a higher tevei of a^r-change per hour is

-fc we tned to introduce natural ventilation at oc-ot of erttT> rather than create suction at the leeward side, •fo create pressure at the iniet a system of wirg-wails to catch' «.«d frorr a ra^ge of I <e!y directions (are introduced), wing-walls are attached to a baicony-de% ce with full--r rit s; ~ "g doors. The piacerrents of the wing-walls and a ocks * t" " the floor-plate are based on the arch tect s assess?-^-: t~e ocality's w id-data The w ng-wall cu.-i■*- ccx ¿«".-ce s of course, experiments and site verification a - CCD ana .-sis id cates that th s de\ ce worVed -easc~ai v Etre-e-ce the crciect w enable the arch tect to e' deve cc the ce\ re ^or othe- 2-c ects.

Wcnara Malaga was the firs, contemporary h'Kh-nse arch.tectural structure to be '«cognised by the Aga Khan Awards ,n ,995

Within the rigorous development of any new typeform, certain projects emerge which embody and summarise all the significant principles that are applied, and configure these into an elegant and mature formal order - Menara Mesiniaga exemplifies the characteristics and significance of such a project.

Although only 15 storeys in height, this tower - while being clearly grounded in the basics of Menara Boustead - can be extended as a type, to create great leaps of development, such as Yeang's 80-storey Tokyo-Nara Tower project.

Central to this iconic summary of the low-energy, passive-mode sunpath type are the principles of solar-shielding and orientation, combined with the implementation of multi-height planted skycourts and atrial recessions coupled into a beautiful spiral-form, gathered into a pure circular plan. Details of attached sun-shading spandrels and protective sun-louvres all reach a stage of precise and sophisticated design related to sun angle and path, in the overall conception and its constructed reality.

That this project, which stands on the outer threshold of Kuala Lumpur city, has been the subject of multiple publications that demonstrate its significance also measures its importance, but it is equally noteworthy that the building has received international acclaim in the form of awards for architecture.

The Mesiniaga Tower is essentially a regional headquarters building, in this case for IBM's Malaysia agency. With its commanding position, the building both exploits the qualities of the local, ambient tropical climate and the magnificent vistas to the surrounding hillside landscape.

Yeang's modest description, first cast in 1994, belies the archetypal nature of the project as a first-rate exemplar of bioclimatic architecture:

And, leaving aside the later UMNO Tower of 1995-98. and its subsequent development of the 'wind wing-wall' principle with its expressive consequences, Mesiniaga remains as a supreme architectural statement:

"... the most striking design feature is the planting which is introduced into the facade and the skycourts, starting from a three-storey-high planted mound (a berm) and spiralling up the face of the building. Triple-height recessed terraces towards the upper part of the building are also Planted. These atriums enable the

Wcnara Malaga was the firs, contemporary h'Kh-nse arch.tectural structure to be '«cognised by the Aga Khan Awards ,n ,995

Mesiniaga Tower Sketch

owner Mesiniaga Sdn 8hd (IBM Sole Agent in Malaysia)

Selangor, Malaysia

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