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mmmr itmwr ramps from hotel rooms to prayer halls sky courts sky gardens ramps from roof garden to concourse prayer gardens de«!ocr-er> j cnertited tcmnti the east to moan-ise the <ews of the Haran traf are iv. alaole from !he j&b O-jr sit* Aj a -esut these Moon ae e»oosed a: the ncr-mg air ar«i to scrre e»sert. ® the rrac-dav air Tor* the soiit-

the t*nf»-t of the towers r-cwei a degree -3T pr-vao the nahar ¿etuis serve for Bctr sceerirg ire shadbif aurposes ^ roshars are "itc of a r-ixture of metal ard nr-ber «Vccc s .¿sed S5t r »'t-the trao coral elements of the oty ire tc screen the facades.

^e »ester- facades are sciks. »re- -ar-cw sfit wrdcvrs tc nsuate the Suikire -^rr the *ct mer-ocr sur tower C <

tower D


... m W - oi '" tV ^'S'^'5 P"**" <61 ** mutely around

„ -tv^a-vr » coiWnWc areles of decreasing importance raduting out from it -est rem*» P»** * u*» CW* J «"»an the pnvate apartments

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