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travel-time from room to al-Haram best time worst time

10.50 minutes 21.40 minutes tower C

ihrehlm ai -Khatil tlpvrliipillrnt cooling tower system ihn 'groen [wirk'

•Its area ■ 21 ha groen area • ha lhc central design concept n to create a unique ralmmg giren park rnvlronmrnl lor Ihr pilgrims CaiHul planning and resource management < .in turn the Jatial Ornai site into a Rirrn area, «hading Ihr external spa. es and creating .1 pleasant environment in whirh lo i.irry out pllgrimagr-

The rar parking and concourse development are sunk beneath a grren. lanrlsraped root, visually reducing the Impact ol Ihr la.([r «ale ot Ihr development whilr nr-allng 1 K'ern lindicaped park lor le.reatlon outdoor activities and .1 shaded place Irom which t<, vir«

Ihr w.ltri supply tor Ihr greening ot Ihr .Ir comrs (mm Ihr recycled grey' w.ilrr ol Ihr development llir .v.itrr »mm the ablutions, baths and basin» will lie filtered, -.trued and irusrr! Id create .. greened environment year-round

Planting and vegetation air selected which arr indigenous lo llie locality and which ir.|iiiir minimal amounts ol wain (Of Irrigation The plañís are all chosen lo withstand Ihr h.n-.h Climate while serving lo sotten It the lower slopes of Ihr development where li.ur rock IS exposed will I»- plantrd with palms su that Ihe.r is a sra ol giren lo be seen betwrrn tt><-labal Omar development and Ihr al H,nam section A A

towei C

chuto wind scoop root garden evaporative cooling towei planting at piayei 100m planting ® level 5 roof terrace planting «í level 2 main concourse tiees i»1 slopes canopy ovei concourse terrace & chute

• ecological approach

A cooling towei through the irntie ot thr tush Use is to thr design ot thr development This tower bungs waim an Into the lop ot the towei wheir a tine mist spiay cools and humidifies the air this cooled, moist air drops down the towei cooling the corridors and providing a l.esh an supply to ail rooms and apartments. The cool an ekits the towei at the level ot the root garden, cooling thr garden and pravr,

The tamp that extends thiough the cooling tossri continues into the lelail aiea on level a bringing m the cooled all from above

Planting and water ponds aie plans! on the tower ioot to cool the Intake alt and to reduce the amount ot au-bon»e dust the tool garden on top Ot Ihr concourse s exiled t>> these sr.lrs of towns along its length t he concerns that this project have addirssed are

• low energy inputs

• low enrigy outputs

• recycling ol output*

• extending Ihr planting into the btnMing


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I 11 hui« k »«lUr.m panting ovei laipa.k Mow c~as<r ' - îî.

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