energy management global warming

• The energy demand profile throughout the year and over the day has been moderated

• With more consistent energy demand throughout the year and day, a combined heat, cool and power plant becomes more economically viable as the sue and the capacity of the plant has been minimised and it will run a full capacity for longer durations making the payback pertod very favourable

• The CHP plant will be powered by gas. however renewable energies such as wind power, solar power and heat sink capacity of ground water will also contribute to minimise the use of fossil fuels.

winter period

• The 'peak lopping' of the winter energy demand will be achieved by the following energy strategy ■

1 minimise heat loss by

• good insulation

• minimise surface area

• protect building envelope from the wind

2 maximise solar gain by

• large glazed area to the south

• maximise exposed area to the sun

Utilising the thermal mass of the structure as 24-hour heat store and to dampen sudden temperature changes summer period

• The peak lopping' of the summer energy demand may be achieved by:

1 minimising solar gain with adequate shading devices

2 minimising heat gain or cooling loss by

• good insulation

• protection from winds

• minimising surface area

3 utilising the thermal mass of the structure as a 24-hour thermal regulation - storing the coolness at night for the following day and dampening climatic changes mid-season period

• During mid-season, there is no need for either heating or cooling and the building may be naturally ventilated

• As building comes out of winter, the heating is switched off and the building will open up to a warmer climate, however, as the climate warms further, the internal temperature rises and cooling will be required as summer begins However, higher temperatures are more acceptable if there is good ventilation

• Thus, if the switching on of the cooling system for the building is to be delayed the building should enhance natural cross ventilation as much as possible - wind and solar power may be used to drive the ventilation of the tower by solar stack effect or wind suction or wind pressure

• The ventilation of the tower is driven by both wind and '.un dunng mid-season penod The temperature rise during the day is minimised by night bme ventilation - the cool night time is used to pre-cool the structure for the following day

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