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In order to assess the devgn «of its embodied energy attributes, Davis langdon A fvrrrst Energy A Environmental Croup were consulted This group are interna bo«*Wy respected for their work on the embodied energy of construction materials an the consequential emissions of greenhouse and acid They are particularly experienced in assessing designs over their full life cycle They often contribute to the design protest to help minimise the embodied energy and ermvom without compromivng the operational energy performance of a design

The group use the technique of sensitivity analysis to focus on critical date and hence ensure that accurate and specific data 1» used for critical parameter! whilst date of lower quality or I«» certain origin can be used for non-critical parameters This allows accurate result* to be obtained at minimum effort and cost To facilitate the« work, they have devised a range of tool'.

!A database of internationally published embodied energy factors containing over 9.000 items

Detailed process analysis spreadsheets for the seven key materials that comprise about 70* of the embodied energy of buildings, eg. for. aggregates ) hence concrete cement brick and clay products wood steel plaster and plasterboard _ g'ass

I An elemental estimator of embodied energy 4 CO. for use at inception and the early design stag'- The rsbmator provides both initial and life cycle results Estimating took for assessing the transport components of embodied energy for the 4, largest mass and most transport sensitive materials. (• 1 'M'egates ) hence concrete | • cement

These materials contain over 99% of the mass of most buildings approach

The approach used to assess the life cycle embodied energy mirrors that used for estimating the cost of the buildings Estimates can be built up at different levels of detail appropriate for the different stages of design

• embodied energy/CO/ benchmarks to help the dient set a design target in the brief.

• an initial estimate to assist the deign team at inception and sketch design stages

• refinement of the estimate for the design as it evolves throughout the design process benchmarks of likely performance for Gamuda

Hence for Gamuda. which n a large prestigious air conditioned medium/high rise buildmg specified to high standards, he would expect the following performance

Table 1 - typical benchmarks of performance



range low high

Irwiai pr(mar/ embodied energy


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