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phase 3 s . office» f . office» U . office» v . aparlmcnU (65)


corndo, dividing roo(m Wllh f«h "as . centre

promen.H. tk ^ mvmt <nd «"««front promenade The rooftop garden tenaces offm spec, „ula, over waterfront and the creese part, b^

««ess are located at the cent,, of the horse shoe configura.™ on the .owe, .loo,s of .he hotel The hotel is smed by a hlgh-dass vehicle drop-off facing B.,n,y.,.. Road Underground parking i, p,0v,ded In the basement IW. directly below apartment concept • There are 10 apartment blocks and one serviced apartment block In this development The,e are located on the side ot the development facing the creek Nearly all apartments in this development overlook ot the waterfront This is achieved by bringing water Into the site for the new marina bays, whkh increases the watertront considerably

The apartments blocks are linear in nalurr This encouiage cross ventilation through the apartments the units aie accessed trom single loaded corridors overlooking landvaped courtyards (between two blocks ol apartments) Duple» unit layout provides lor greater variety ol space and more access to lacade wllh views by fequirlng only one access corridor every two lloois

The ends of the apartment blocks cantilevers over the wateifront edge They house common facilities such as the gymnasium, cotlee house and lunctlon rooms on the lower floors and special penthouse units on the upper floors These spaces are given special elevatlonal treatment to appe.ii beacons at night

To maintain a relatively column-ltee space on the waterfront promenade level, the internal apartment columns ate support cd hy a vierendeel trusses at the base ol the apartment blocks, on level S All plumbing services trom the apartments are diverted to service cores on this level retail concept • The iet.Hl shopping mall is designed to take-advantage of Its wateifront location anil to cater to Ihe development population inn. of residents, tourists, marina useis and office workers

The shopping mall will be anchored by a departmental store and will contain a supermarket, an International food court, speciality boating shops by the manna, outdoor and indoor cafes/restaurants, souvenu shops. I.ihlon boutiques and other speciality »hops

I mall was determined to be the optimum location within .he development because „1 the opport

)0I visual exposure on .h.ee sides and good velu,,,..,, accr» the mall is positioned between Banlyas K»ad and *<"' front aie. to .et as a visual and noise buffer

„.all slra.egy • The shoppin| mall ha. several porte r:::-

sinking facade with |H>rous e ,„„S ,„ «he

„,,. mall, and draws visual interest from the main road 11M,tments oft«« and n imked to .he surround«« at"'"'

, .„,. development v.a a network of hotel component of the « £ ^ ,wtw.vk, landscaped pedes.-" ,lH"r>

and eiposuie lor retailers from contnbut. .o ,he compte.

shoppers "v."« "T^ZL maiuarpark or

< tkH.r and basement 1 via *»•"' |hf giound «s»" îih) ^ 4l the center W«r c, the shop»»'* ^ , luvh landscaped carp.uk level * ,h"' """""

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