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-i- tower is amongst

Yeang's earliest ' realised projects for a landmark commercial building designed for sale and rental

Standing on the threshold of Yeang's bioclimatic skyscraper;, the incised heavy white masonry form is not typical of Yeang's mature architectural projects which generally incorporate lightweight demountable cladding

The lower floors incorporate space for retail and bank use. with integrated car parking Office space occurs from the second floor upwards

The forshortened triangular plan-form is a direct function of the restricted site with the ma|or shielding clusters of stairs lifts and restrooms located on the predominant north and south faces, again not typical of Yeang's later, classic bioclimatic projects The resultant expo«! west, and particularly the south-eastern facades, are therefore heavily clad mason* profiles, with deeply incised horizonte glazing bands

Selangor, Malaysi;

But the project is precisely inflected by a single passive-mode mental device - a soaring naturally ventilated atrium, Irving the office floors and rising on the north-eastern sector of the overall plan. The cascading, planted balconies of the office spaces all relate to this crucial interstitial volume, which unlike conventional office towers of this period, is open to the air and acts as a giant wind-scoop Although, in this project, the wind-scoop idea appears incidental, in tact it foreshadows Yeang's later use of wind wing-walls. such as UMNOTower in Penang, and other later projects, which are more sophisticated in their use of natural ventilated spaces

Of Plaza Atrium, Yeang has made this statement: «... Unlike most atriums, this space is not located within the building envelope but in the transitional space between the interior and exterior. The atrium is capped by alouvered roof using Z-profile louvres. This filters out rain while allowing hot air from within the atrium to flow out and diffused sunlight to enter. The entire atrium acts as a giant wind-scoop capturing airflow high up on the building and enabling wind to enter the typical upper floors, controlled by the sliding doors of the terraces facing the atrium void The office f|oors facing the atrium are *tback and lined with land-sc*ped terraces with views d0»n into the atrium space."

Thus'in th«s earliest of Yeang's ^«dal bioclimatic skyscrapers, the „'J- of Passive-mode intervention is ' enced' "hich marks the overall form of lhe architecture

""«K Papers'. op ot p „

owner Ban Seng Development Sdn Bhd location Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia latitude 3.7°N nos of storeys 24 storeys , date start 1981 completion date 1986 areas Built-up area 10,700 sq m site area 2,024 sq m plot ratio 1.6.5

design features • The building consists of a office tower on a restricted site • The dominant feature of the building Is the Urge semi-enclosed atnum to which all the office floors face with cascading terraces This space is located not within the building envelope (as would be in common instances of atnums) but is located in a transitional space that lies between the inside of the building and the outside. ie in the in-between' space with the outside

• The atrium is topped by a louvred-roof of a Z-shaped profile louvre that acts as a filter in that it filters out the rain, permits accumulated hot-air within the atnum to flow through and enables diffused sun into the spaces below

• The entire atrium space acts as a giant wind-scoop to capture the ai-flow at the upper regions of the tall building directed into the facade The floors facing the atrium are set-backed and are lined with landscaped terraces, looking down into the atnum programme • The client's programme is to prov.de a landmark commercial building for sale and for rental, utilising permitted plot ratio to the minimum. The permitted maximum plot ratio of 1 6 5 is to be uDiised Ground floor and first floor for shopiots or bank use with car-parking integrated into the built form and offices above structural system • Reinforced concrete-frame construction with piled foundatrons. 'slip-form' concrete construction is used for the elevator shaft The louvred-roof over the atnum is cast-m-situ concrete major materials • En tenor finish - spray-on resin finish over plastered masonry wads Tinted glazing to ail windows with curtain-watl glazing to windows facing atnum Other windows faang the outs*le are recessed for solar protection Ceramic We covenng to floors with gran,te to lift lobby at ground floor Interior areas - vwiyl-We surface, suspended acoustical ceiling, concrete-screeded floors with carpets, ceramic tiles to toilet areas mechanical system • For carpark floors forced tempered air-venblabon system

• For office areas iir-conditior ng system

• Wtevators three normal high-speed elevators with one external glass elevator o62

plaza i

Sir Bannister Fletcher's A History of Architecture.

and the Future mLimwam <,2w*

daylight studies


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