T 3644

praying area at roof garden concourse walkway to Al-Haram

sue cross sections


Wn) Scoop

Residential Tower I Level 35 <¡«446 9 T


CowMChuh tight-lines from tower to al-Haram rh« »a'bah k Mr central eapenenu The mwl knfcs of the development 0« towers that afford 4 view to ttie |

Th® pilgrim 4 assured of a /.ew of « Haram from rrw h rooms IO that prayen can b* I

fd in a series apartment tower 1

to the haty xtr * not broken A hierarchy of wm e»ist In Makkah with the Ka bah as the pnme focus During the tut season when the praying area it covered with pilgrim* the secondary visual «one emends to the edges of Km ptasa The landscaped roof garden affords a view to al-Horam so that outdoor prayer areas form along its edge

Sky Terrace acta as Wind Scoop k* Evaporative Coolmfl Tower

Itirahrn Al Khalil 1 rwrl pm«n(


Key plan

.,-h.e..P-?.m®nade as 3 co"®ct<>'" to chutes to al-Haram

The main level of (he concourse he« a (t from the adjacent sates to the north and •I Mai I I and the prav < .

plat'orm that surrounds it -

continuously referring the people wtthm the concourse to IB J the focus of their pilgrimage 11 rue . -e » ' f \

promenade is to serve as a \

to prayer hve timet a day Al of the population w* be brought to thrs level through

P«dest/ian Walkway through Palm Grove l ¿-«Heaped Rod Garden

8nk above or the escalators that hnk the four levels of the concourse

The population « divided mto four streams to be discharged at the pia/a below by chutes consisting at escalators and traveiaton

tower E

evaporative cooling towei planting at piayei 100m panting ovei laipa.k Mow

canopy ovei concourse terrace & chute travel-time from room to al-Haram cooling tower system

tower C

ihrehlm ai -Khatil tlpvrliipillrnt wind scoop root garden

„„porter to th» success Ol II... development ts Ihr s,,,,.,l Al which Ihr population of MW*"! J¡ .„eas 10, their dally devotion ' 1 """°n

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