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key plan evaporative cooling tower light facade with views of Al-Haram praying area at roof garden concourse walkway to Al-Haram

main distributer-road main distributer-road

The roof of this concourse contains praying areas within a landscaped garden. These praying areas form an extension to the praying platform below, whilst still allowing for the development of the lower slopes The concourse at Level 2 also serves as the main drop-off level for those arriving by vehicles

Below the concourse at Level 1 is a service road to meet all deliveries, refuse disposal and service requirements

The concourse consists of four levels of commercial activity, which face the Haram. It encloses the reception areas for the towers above and acts as a collect on point for the population of Jabal Omar and the adiacent areas from which people will be taken to their prayers along two major chutes extending into al-Haram.

There are two factors that would suggest that the development of the surrounding hills of the Haram would create a harsh, desert-like concrete jung-e The di-ate of Makkah is hot and dry. with little vegetation Due to the large numbers of pilgnms. especially dunng ha. toes the densities required to accommodate the resident, commercial and temporary populations are extreme^ high However careful planning and the sensitive creation of an indigenous ecosystem can encourage vegetation to grow, providing a greened and ecologically friendly environment in which to house the pilgnms

If taken throughout the enclosing hills the greening o' the rim will create an oasis, containing and emphasising the prominence of the Ka'bah

This design concept can be taken throughout the five hills of Makkah creating an enclosure to the hois site that allows for accommodabon and commeroal activity within its boundaries.

The above are the key features that make th«s scheme environmentally responsive and unique wind scoop .

tower C

-evaporative cooling tower

-heavy structure acts as solar

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