Section Editor:

Charles W. Harris

Technical writer:

Tobias Dayman with professional advice and inputs from Robert H Joubert of the Asphalt Institute


Robert H. Joubert, Regional Representative Asphalt Institute Methuen, Massachusetts


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Genera!

1.2 Manufacturing Standards 2.0 Asphalt Cement or Binder

2.1 Properties of Asphalt Cement or Binder

2.2 Selection Criteria lor Asphalt Cements or Binder

3.0 Aggregate for Asphalt Pavements

3 1 Sizes oi Aggregate lor Aiphalt

Pavements 3.2 Aggregate Gradations 3 3 Recycled Class as Aggregate 3 4 Selection Criteria to: Aggregates 4.0 Asphalt Paving Mixtures 4.1 Asphalt Concrete

4.2 Surface Treatments

4. J Asphalt Paving Blocks 4.4 Asphalt-Treated Granular Base Courses

4 5 Less-Common Asphalt Mixtures 5.0 Principles of Asphalt Pavement Design

5 1 Typical Pavement Sections 5 2 Pavement Functions

5.3 Asphalt Pavement Construction Type of Asphalt Pavement Construction

Expected Pavement Life 6.0 Thickness Design of Asphalt Pavements 6.1 Roads

Design Factors Thickness Design Procedure

Design Examples

6.2 Driveways and Parking Areas

6.3 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Coif Cart Paths

6.4 Tennis Courts

6.5 Playgrounds and Recreational Areas 7.0 Miscellaneous

7.1 Asphalt Curbs and Gutters

7.2 Asphalt Underlayments

7.3 Colored Asphalt Pavements

7.4 Recycled Asphalt Granular Base Courses

Agencies and Organizations References

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