Sky Green Wall Panels

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G-Sky Green Wall Panels are a patented modular planting system for 90° angled walls. They are suitable for interior and exterior wall applications and can thrive in a variety of environmental conditions. The 1x1ft (0.3 x 0.3m) panels can be arranged as needed to create a living cladding for a wall. The arrangement and selection of plants can also be customized to suit local conditions and design reguirements.

The modular panels are made of an ultraviolet-resistant, non-flammable Polypropylene. Each panel contains a growing medium of natural peat block, encased in a non-woven, non-corrosive, non-flammable fabric.The panels are ~3in (82-89mm) deep and are mounted on a stainless steel oraluminum frame that is anchored into a concrete wall of other adeguate structure.

The panels are shipped with 13 or 25 established plants growing out of the large perforations in the fabric. Plant species are selected for their ability to grow in 90° orientation and within the environmental conditions of the installed wall. Water is supplied to the plants with the G-Sky GWP Drip Irrigation System with pressure-compensating emitters. Depending on the selection, plants generally grow approximately 3 to 8in (76-200mm) from the panels to form a dense carpet of living green material.

Anticipated maintenance for the system is low. Weeding and some plant replacement are expected. Pruning and liguid fertilizer application, injected via the drip system, are recommended to keep the plants healthy over the long term.

Manufacturer: G-SKY, Inc.



Sky Green Wall
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