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It will be appreciated that the type of calculations discussed above lend themselves to the use of computer spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel is very convenient here as it is in many engineering situations as presented in Liengme (2002). A spreadsheet can be produced for the calculations in Table 4.1. This has been done to create Table 4.4. The first four columns present the ordinate number and the values of x, y and Simpson's multiplier. Assuming the x values are in cells B3 to B11, the y values in C3 to C11 and the SM values in D3 to D11, then

Preface to the fourth edition

Design, production and operation of ships but it would be unrealistic to attempt any detailed discussion of the many programs available to the naval architect. These programs are changing rapidly and the student is referred to the regular CAD CAM reviews and updates which appear in the journals of the learned societies. The use of spreadsheets for many of the repetitive calculations is illustrated. Solutions to the questions are available from the Elsevier website. Appendix E presents a range of questions based on each chapter of the book for use by students and lecturers, who may choose to set the questions as homework or self-study exercises. See Appendix E for further information.

Site And Building Space Programs Sizing Your Spaces

A space program is a quantification of all functional areas of your site and building to ensure proper accommodation of all staff and functions. Useful tools include benchmarking space needs for some functions (parking spaces per square feet of gallery, seats in your lunchroom per square foot of exhibit space square feet per office by staff position). It should be formatted as a spreadsheet allowing you to document current and proposed space and staff, program options (1,2, 3, etc.), and final space size as designed.

Nuances of Change Order Requests

Any change order that is based on construction document deficiencies is a hit to the architect's image. This cannot be helped. Still, on any project where the change order requests occur, the architect is actively involved in defending the owner against unwarranted or excess claims for money, and working with the contractor to find less expensive ways to meet the owner's needs. Architects should track this progress, if for no other reason than defensive purposes. The architect should keep a spreadsheet tracking the amount of the original change order request, why it occurred (owner, architect,

Establishing preliminary unit pricing

You will want to establish preliminary unit prices early, long before you actually have plans completed. The following strategy works quite well to set your unit prices fairly, if someone in your group has computer spreadsheet experience. (If not, we recommend that you hire someone to assist you.) 4. Turn in the lists to the person on the computer and have him or her enter the data in a spreadsheet while the group discusses what they have just done, and what they are about to do next. 11. Using the hypothetical, all two-bedroom units spreadsheet, set up a formula to calculate the LOCATION ADJUSTMENT. It will be a percentage (or a ratio) calculated by dividing the agreed two-bedroom unit price for each location, by the average two-bedroom unit price. These will result in both positive and negative 13. In a fifth column on your spreadsheet, calculate the preliminary unit price for each unit by location. The formula should be unadjusted price multiplied by location adjustment factor....

Achieving Excellence Design Evaluation Toolkit AEDET

The toolkit is to be used at various key stages in the design development process and to support the non-financial assessments required in business cases. The toolkit comprises a series of key questions supported by lists of related issues that need to be considered. The questions are answered by entering a numerical score (between 1 and 6) into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet automatically averages out the answers in each of the 10 sections and enters them in a table and a radar chart the 'Design Evaluation Profile' (Fig. 6.13).

Computer Aided Cost Estimation Estimating Software Packages

The possibilities for automating and controlling your estimating spreadsheets are unlimited, and there are many tools that developers and contractors can use to estimate more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, there are currently many computer aided cost estimation software systems on the market. These range in sophistication from simple spreadsheet calculation software packages to integrated systems involving design and price negotiation over the Internet. While these proprietary packages involve some investment to purchase, maintain, and train (assuming you already have adequate computer hardware), significant efficiencies usually result. In particular, cost estimates may be prepared with greater accuracy, more rapidly and with less effort. Below is a list of the more popular packages that are available today to developers and contractors Crystal Ball Choose a range for each uncertain value in your spreadsheet. Crystal Ball uses this information to perform hundreds of what-if...

Conference Rooms And Multimedia

Data digital projectors for conference rooms are frequently used to show presentations, spreadsheets, and video clips to large groups. Also known as LCD projectors, they can be permanently installed, sometimes along with a networked computer. Ceiling mounts are installed into the ceiling to hold a projector. This option is more expensive than using a table, but it hides cable mess and can reduce shadows.

Measuring Performance

This account assumes museums approaching a major building project either have an ongoing process for data collection or have established one when developing the strategic and business plans described in earlier chapters. The museum's exhibit designers, educators, curators, and other managers who determine inputs, outputs, and outcomes related to museum goals should each have developed an ongoing evaluation program with a limited number of key performance indicators within the framework of the strategic plan. Thereafter, with oversight from each area staff and volunteers can track key data on simple spreadsheets. Much of the information typically collected by a museum is useful in evaluating the success of a building project.

Appliances and platforms

The iPod is an example of what designers and others sometimes call an appliance a product dedicated to a limited function, but to performing this really well. This is in contrast to platforms, which are conceived as multipurpose products, epitomized by personal digital assistants (PDAs) and palmtop personal computers that run a diversity of applications, from business spreadsheets to entertainment media players. An analogy is sometimes made to cutlery versus a Swiss Army knife the latter is useful if your priority is to carry a single object to do many things, but few of us choose to eat with one in the privacy of our own homes. This is a discussion that is contentious and even subject to fashion the iPod has definitely provided an icon for the appliance, whereas many cell phones are expanding into the territory of multifunction platforms. Indeed, Apple's own iPhone is advertised as a combination of three products a cell phone, a media player (music and video


Punch Home Design Architectural Series 3000 keeps track of building materials, as you design your home. Estimator continually and automatically tallies your expenses and building materials. This information is presented in an editable, printable, exportable spreadsheet format. Estimator also utilizes the Plan Tabs from Punch Home Design Architectural Series 3000, so you can easily find the materials for a specific part of your design.

General Overview

It becomes clear that all of the topics discussed in this book have been impacted to varying degrees by the rapid evolution of new technologies, particularly in communications. This has affected design methodology techniques, which continue to change and adapt to these new technologies, with computers playing an increasing if not dominant role. Cost estimating and specification writing, too, have been greatly impacted by the introduction of computers. Automation of estimating spreadsheets and the use of computer aided cost estimation systems is now commonplace, and the many tools now available allow you to estimate more effectively and efficiently. Likewise, the emergence of automated specification writing systems, providing greater accuracy, speed, and lower costs, is in keeping with the general trend of the construction industry and consulting professions.

Flux Distribution

It is convenient to use a spreadsheet program for the flux distribution procedure. The instructions in the following text are for Excel software, and the resulting spreadsheet is Table 6.1. Bring up the Excel spreadsheet on your computer, and follow this example. The spreadsheet shown in Table 6.1 is now complete, but we certainly have not finished using it. The total lamp wattage is shown to be 17.3 kW, and as the lamp specification will certainly include some SP beam types, the actual load will be more than this. What would be the effect if, instead of tungsten halogen lamps, we used metal halide FL lamps giving 26.2 lm W Click on H34 and press Delete, and enter this value. Instantly columns I and J are revised, and the total watts reduce to 2.84 kW. This gives us power to spare, so why not look again at the overall illuminance The indirect illuminance E(i) is 61 lux, and as this is equivalent to Mrs, we can use it as an estimate of eye illuminance. It can be seen from Table 2.1...

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