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Do you think that you have to have a brilliant idea or a whole lot of startup capital to start a business that can make your rich? Well believe it or not, that is Completely false. You will be able to make a lot of money just by following the information in Ron Mackowski's ebook on making money at the flea market! You will learn how to find what YOU sell best; you can actually make money without knowing anything about business or sales! All you have to do is be able to follow the simple steps laid out in the book. You will be able to gain a serious supplement to your income just by selling at flea markets! You will learn how to make money in the first two weeks of selling. Flea markets have been around for over 200 years They're not going away, so you're joining one of the most stable businesses around! Read more here...

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Garage Sales and Flea Markets

Some people enjoy making regular rounds of local flea markets and garage sales where it is Larger flea market vendors are usually aware of market values and don't often offer outstanding bargains for building supplies. Still, materials will be cheaper than if you buy new. If you develop a friendly relationship with vendors, they may start filling your requests or sourcing items they know you need. Give these vendors a list of what you want over time they might find most of what you need.

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