Fig. 27: LenoTec

Leno solid panels


The LenoTec wood-based product is a solid cross-laminated timber panel made from between three and eleven spruce plies glued together cross-wise. The resulting homogeneous, dimensionally stable and rigid component can be produced in sizes up to 4.8 x 20 m. Thicknesses of 50-300 mm are available depending on the number of plies.

Design process

The design is not bound by any production-related module. Ready-to-install components ready to erect are manufactured at the works. The machine-based assembly enables individual panel formats and shapes to be cut as required, with openings, slots and holes for the joints and electrical services. Curved elements with a minimum radius of 7 m are also possible.

Loadbearing behaviour The direction of span is irrelevant.

Shaping: Panels curved in one direction can be produced.

Applications: Walls, floors and roofs

Facade: It is possible to build a compact facade structure without adding a vapour barrier.

Insulation: The insulation is attached externally.

Surface finish: Available with industrial or fair-face finish. Facings with laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and special surface finishes are possible.

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