Fig. 151: Windows in common areas open outwards
Fig. 152: Contrast between inward- and outward-opening windows

Floor construction

Granolithic concrete 20 mm

Screed with underfloor heating 80 mm Polyethylene sheet

Thermal i nsulation 40 mm

Concrete, type 6 280 mm

Fig. 150: Section through corridor window, 1:20

1:5 working drawing (reduced)

Wall construction

Concrete, type 5 Thermal i nsulation Concrete, type 5

Roof construction

Sheet metal

Bitumen roofing felt, fully bonded


Counter battens


Sarnafil TU 122/08, fully bonded Thermal i nsulation,

2 layers laid cross-wise Vapour barrier Concrete, type 2

250 mm 120 mm 250 mm

29 mm 60/60 mm 40 mm

2 x 100 mm 260 mm

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