Doors types of opening

Fig. 54: Types of opening scale 1:100

Standard hinged door

The opening form

The most common type of door is the hinged, single-leaf door. Together with the swing door and the double door it has hinges on one side. As the weight of the door leaf acts directly on the hinge like a lever, the use of such doors is limited to standard door widths, although in the form of a double-leaf door twice the standard width can be accommodated.

The hardware for sliding and folding doors is less dependent on the weight and so can be used for larger openings as well. In contrast to the hinged door a sliding door needs less space around the door because the door leaf does not swing out into the room. However, space adjacent to the side of the door is necessary to accommodate the door leaf as it slides. Sliding doors are often used internally to subdivide a large room, e.g. for dividing a living room, or separating a dining area from the kitchen.

When used as an internal door to a bedroom it must be remembered that a sliding door cannot achieve the same sound I nsulation value as a hinged door. If good acoustic I nsulation is necessary, e.g. doctors surgeries, a double door is advisable.

Automatic sliding doors have become established for buildings open to the public where there are large flows of people. Such a door guarantees an optimum throughflow. Another type of door is the revolving door. Its efficiency depends on its diameter. The advantage of revolving doors over automatic sliding doors is that they obviate the need for a lobby.

Sliding door (in front of wall)

Double door

Standard hinged doors

Standard hinged doors

Sliding doors

Folding door (fitted between jams)

Folding door (fitted in front of opening)

Folding door (fitted in front of opening)

Fig. 58: Single-leaf sliding door (in front of wall) Fig. 59: Single-leaf sliding door (within wall) Fig. 60: Double-leaf sliding door (within wall)

Revolving door


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