Fig. 50: Notes for using this chart

With a high load (dead and imposed loads) use the maximum value for the slab depth as proposed by the chart - vice versa for a low load. The sizes and relationships shown cannot be verified scientifically. The shaded areas are supposed to be slightly "indefinite". In the interest of the rational use of a loadbearing element, the "edges" of this chart should be avoided.

Element Span h*/l

Flat slab on columns, conventional 6 - 12 m 1/16 - 1/24


Flat slab with flared column heads 8 - 12 m 1/20 - 1/30

Slab with downstand beams, conventional 8 - 20 m 1/12 - 1/16 reinforcement

*Prestressing can reduce the structural depth of the slab by up to about 3C%








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