The position of the window within the depth of the opening and the opening rebate form have considerable influence on the architectural expression of a building. Windows fitted externally, flush with the facade, lend the envelope a compact and enclosing appearance, which emphasises the form of the building. Contrasting with this, windows fitted further back within the depth of the opening create relief due to the play of light and shade, which breaks up the volume of the building. Depending on the opening rebate form, the part of the frame visible externally can be suppressed or featured. Viewed from the inside, a window fitted on the outside can create an alcove, thus extending the usable f loor space, whereas windows fitted on the inside generate a distinct enclosure to the interior and possibly even the impression of a thin outer skin. Apart from the extreme positions of windows fitted flush with the inside or outside faces, the position of the window does not depend on the opening rebate form. We distinguish between two principal opening rebate forms.

Window opening inwards

Such windows are usually fitted from inside. The entire width of the outer frame is visible internally, whereas from outside it might be that only the sash frames can be seen. The window can be fitted flush with the inside face of the wall. As the window is always fitted back from the face of the facade by a distance equal to at least the depth of the step or shoulder, it is relatively well protected against the weather. The connections do not present any problems because they are essentially covered and protected by this step or shoulder.

View from inside

View from outside

View from outside

Window opening outwards

The entire width of the outer frame is visible externally. The window can be fitted flush with the outside face of the wall; however, that does mean that the glazing and the frames are fully exposed to the weather. The connections must satisfy enhanced aesthetics and quality requirements because they are readily visible and very exposed, especially when the window is fitted flush with the outside face.

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