Structures twoway frame

Fig. 45: Two-way frame

The I oadbearing structure consists of a two-way frame with columns made from structural hollow sections which, in contrast to I-sections, present the same connection options on all sides. As the columns are continuous, beams can be connected at any height, which permits different ceiling heights in different bays. To ensure that all floor beams are loaded equally, the direction of span of the floors should change from bay to bay.

The flooring examples illustrate solutions in which the beams are the same depth as the floor ("Slimfloor", "Integrated Floor Beam - IFB", etc.). In both cases here a wider bottom flange plate is welded to the beams to support the floor. D6 is based on precast prestressed hollow-core floor planks which can span up to 12 m. The voids merely save weight; services must still be routed underneath the floor slabs. The great advantage is the dry form of construction. Like D5, D7 is a ribbed slab with, once again, trapezoidal profile metal sheets suspended between the main beams and a concrete infill/topping. Services can be routed between the ribs. When constructed as a composite slab, the f loor serves as a horizontal plate bracing the structure.

Floor construction D6

Cement screed Impact sound insulation Prestressed hollow-core floor planks Total

Floor construction D7

Reinforced concrete topping Trapezoidal profile metal sheets Total

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