Window horizontal section

Auter frame

Thir onter frameis part of the window; it is fixed to the opening retiate in the reveal.

Option: packing

Packing pieces (wooden/plastic wedges or similar) are used to align the frame within the opening.


The reveal is the vertical side of the structural openigg to which the jamb of the outer frameis fixed; its depth is equal to the thickness of the wall.

Finish to reveal

Render or lining (e.g. wood)

Sash frame

The sash frame is rebated and carries the glazing. Variohs btyles of opening ars poss^e.


Operating handle

Weatherstripping in frame rebate

Fitted to all sides of the window, the wsathststrippigs ensnres awindproof fit preventing ingress of noise.

Erection tape

A compressive ndalin g strip seals the jamb against the outer part of the reveal.


together on all Rides via a spacer (hermetic edge seal)

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