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number of informal concerts have been held on the steps. He said events, rather than day-to-day use, are the times when the plaza really shines.

Tents have been set up for a few events. Many people mentioned Provost Biddy Martin's going-away celebration, and Patrick MacGregor, a junior in applied engineering arid physics, said that over the summer Cornell Catering would set up three bars and two appetizer tables here for alumni reunions.

Exactly what we can take away from the use of this space is not yet clear. As the trees mature and the plaza becomes more integrated into the cam pus culture, it could potentially help us understand how large swaths of pavement affect usership during times of heavy and light traffic. "If I was still there, 1 would love to set up a time-lapse camera on the landscape architecture balcony and see what happens," says Ulberg. With more than 100 students in Cornell's landscape architecture deportment, it's only a matter of time before someone does.

But one lesson that Cornell has already learned is the need to make it easier to fond landscape architecture on campus. "In our latest master plan, we've developed a new kind of project that will not need to have an academic sponsor," says Mina Amundsen, the university planner. With a drop in the college's endowment in the fall of 2008, no projects have been pushed through this new system. But once the economy recovers, says Amundsen, "I'm hoping that the next round of landscape projects won't be such astmggle."

PROJECT CREDITS Client Cornell University (Francille M. Firebaugh, senior consultant to the provost; Peter Karp, university architect; Donald Rakow, director, Cornell Plantations; William Wendt, director, transportation and mail services; Laurene Gilbert, ASLA, project manager; Mari jane Johnson, construction manager). Landscape architecture: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc., Brooklyn, New York (Projea team: Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA; Chris Counts; Steve Noone; Chris Gates). Stonework: Paving supplied by Connecticut Stone Supplies Inc.,

Milford, Connecticut, and Tompkins Bluestone, Hancock, New York; outcrop stone supplied by New York Quarries Inc., Alcove, New York; installed by Ithaca Stone Setting, Ithaca, New York, and Syrstone Inc., Syracuse, Nevv York, Structural engineer Ove Arup and Partners, Consulting Engineers PC, New York, Civil engineer: GIE Niagara Engineering Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Water feature consultant: Dan Euser Waterarchitecture Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. General contractor: LeChase Construction Services LLC, Corning, New York. Site contractor: Paolangeli Contractors Inc., Ithaca, New York. Landscape contractor: Cayuga Landscape Co. Inc., Ithaca, New York. Soils consultant Nina Bassuk, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


■ "letter to the Editor: Response to Bailey Plaza Design," by Jennifer Kotting; Brett Desmarais, Associate ASLA; Nicole Bevins; Natalie Bower, Student ASLA; Melissa Carter; and Carrie Van Valkenburg; Cornell Chronicle, March 8, 2006.

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