Conserve Building Materials Reduce Construction Waste and Sensibly Use Natural Resources

• Install permanent locations for recycling bins to encourage the practice in building operations.

• Reuse existing buildings, including interior and exterior materials, to reduce the energy use and environmental impacts associated with producing new building materials.

• Reduce construction waste disposal by 50% or more to cut costs and reduce landfill use.

• Use salvaged and reclaimed building materials such as decorative brick and wood timbers that are still structurally sound.

• Use recycled-content building materials that are made from "down-cycled" materials such as recycled concrete, dry wall, fly ash from coal-fired plants and newspapers.

• Use materials that are harvested and processed in the region, within 500 miles, to cut the transportation impacts associated with bringing them from farther away.

• Use rapidly renewable materials that have a ten-year regeneration time or less, such as bamboo, cork, linoleum, wheatboard or straw-board cabinetry.

• Purchase 50% or more of the wood products in the building from forests certified for sustainable harvesting and good management practices.

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