Green Globes

Green Globes is a green building rating system originally developed in Canada. Its US sponsor, the Green Building Initiative, introduced it into the US in 2004:

Green Globes for new construction was adapted from a system that is widely used in Canada, where it is one of only two green building rating systems recognized by the Canadian federal government. Under the trade name Go Green Comprehensive, it is also the basis of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada's national energy and environmental program for existing buildings.52

Green Globes has found some market interest, partly in answer to complaints that LEED certification costs too much and is too complex. In response, Green Globes created a Web-based project information system. In the beginning, Green Globes was supported heavily by the forest products industry, because it gave credit to wood products certified by an alternative certification program, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.53 At the end of 2006, Green Globes had registered about 100 commercial projects for certification, roughly 3% of the market, and had certified about 10, approximately 2% of the number of LEED certifications. In the residential sector, by contrast, Green Globes has teamed up with the National Association of Home Builders and local home builder associations to offer its rating system to the new home market. At the beginning of 2007,11 local home builder associations provided the Green Globes assessment system for use in their members' projects.54

Green Globes has its adherents, of course, who claim that the Web-based system is easier to use than LEED (which is also currently Web-based). A 2006 study by the University of Minnesota found that LEED and

Green Globes overlap in more than 80% of their credits.55 The study also concluded that "Green Globes employs a rating criterion that reflects life-cycle thinking and covers the entire life cycle of building materials," but that neither LEED nor Green Globes "successfully addresses functional relevance with regard to materials selection."

The Green Globes rating system consists of seven categories with the following weights on a scale of 1000 points. It takes 350 points to get one Green Globe, 550 points to get two, 700 points to get three and 850 points to get four.56

Project Management

50 points


115 points


360 points


100 points

Resources and Materials

100 points

Emissions/other impacts

75 points

Indoor Environment

200 points

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