- freedom of thought, conscience and religion

- freedom of expression

- freedom of assembly and association.

These new powers underpin the importance of the individual and directly challenge the concepts of professionalism developed in the mid-nineteenth century. The learned societies in exchange for meeting entry requirements offered their members status and security in the community. However they were open to the criticism that they managed the policing of poor or inadequate provision of professional services weakly and ineffectively. Against this background of a transformation of individual rights it is not surprising that architects and doctors are experiencing a huge change in the way in which their professions are viewed by the public. One may ponder if the pendulum will swing too far towards individual rights without the checks and balances of personal responsibility. There is a danger of moving towards a society that has forgotten that accidents can happen, and that human beings make mistakes. A healthy society does not encourage a litigious response to every personal misfortune.

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