My first and most important acknowledgement is to my contributor authors. Without them this would have been a much smaller and less interesting and useful book, and would have lost much of its authority and value. Without exception they are people with whom I have had the great pleasure to work or train with in a wide range of situations, times and sites, and all of whom have taught me something new about the fascinating, compelling and important subject of this book.

I count it a true privilege to know each one of them.

Graham Abrey • Jason Bolton • Colin Burns • Sara Ferraby • Chris How • Jukka Jokilehto • David Odgers • Gionata Rizzi • Asi Shalom • Margo Teasdale

• Amanda White • Catherine Woolfitt

Particular and special thanks are due to Gillian Reading, who has worked tirelessly on the fabric of this book and has more than made up for my lack of IT skills.

My second acknowledgement is to all those who have contributed to my love and knowledge of historic buildings and especially those buildings with 'special needs' which have so much to teach us, the building ruins and their sites.

The list which follows is a dangerous one, because there will be omissions which I will later remember and regret. But I list them as well as I can without their titles but with my enduring thanks and appreciation.

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