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Lerida Amad Domenech

Amado-Domenech Arquitectos BARRIO DEL CANYERET

Canyeret is a district of the old historic centre of the Catalonian hill town of Lerida, nestled between the Gothic cathedral and the walled citadel above, and the 19th-century districts along the river Segre below. After decades of abandonment and neglect, deprived of any sort of facilities. Canyeret had become a virtually vacant zone known for drug dealing and delinquency, an impassable barrier isolating the hilltop from the rest of the city.

In 1980, after the fall of Franco and after many years of private speculation, the town found a public-sector client, the Ministry of Justice, whose total contribution to the redeve lopment plan so far has been no less that one thousand million pesetas. A competition was organized to rehabilitate the district. Twelve years later, the outcome is one of the most memorable urban experiences of the last two decades in Europe.

The winning design was by a team composed of Domenech, Ramon Puig and Joan Busquets. Over ten years, the team has seen some changes, most notably the departure of Joan Busquets to replace Oriol Bohigas as the director of urbanism for the city of Barcelona.

A remarkable feature of the Canyeret redevelopment is that the court house is the primary focus for the revitalization scheme-a workplace rather than a housing scheme. It is intended to serve as a focus for other new buildings such as the prestigious Collegiode los Arquitectos, a school and housing units The scheme is strongly inspired by the Italian restoration policies developed during the 1950s for the centro storico of the northern

Oriol Bohigas SchoolPlano Casaus ValenciaPhotos Housing Projects The

(Opposite, above) Distant view of the Canyeret development

(Opposite, below) The elevator tower and bridge

(Left) Urban plan

(Above) View of the roof top parallel to the promenade, with the elevator tower and bridge in the background

(Below) Entrance floor plan and typical unit floor plan

Inverted Sanitary Sewer Siphon Sytem

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