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Arranged alphabetically by architect.

Roser Amado Cercos and Lluls Domenech Gibau

Amado: b. Barcelona, Spain, 1944. Degree in architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (1968). She has worked in collaboration with Uuis Domenech since 1974.

Domenech: b. Barcelona, 1940. Received degree in architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (1964), and later his doctorate. Since 1965, has been a professor there. Has worked in collaboration with Roser Amado since 1974. Project specifications Barrio del Canyeret (Lérida, Spain), 1982-90, pp. 238-41

Client: Gobierno Autonomico de Cataluña; Ayuntamiento de Lérida; Ministerio de Justicia. Built area: 2.8 ha (park), 15,000 m2 built. Design team: J. Busquets, R. Puig (architects). J. Jimenez. A. Garcia-Pozuelo, E. Alonso, J. Casanovas (civil engineers). R. Brufau, A. Obiol (structural engineers). F. Labastida, J.G. Asociados (installation). P. Armadas, T. Alsina (architects), R. Domenech (equipment). Construction company: Cubiertas V MZOV S.A./OCISA.

Key materials: concrete, machael marble. Technology of interest: permanent anchors in the wall.

Budget: 1000 million pesetas. Site characteristics: intermediary zone between the cathedral and the civic-commercial axis of the city. Bibliography El Croquis, no. 46, 1991 Architecture, Mouvement, Continuité, no. 20, 1991

Lleida, nova activitat per a un centre antic, Lérida, 1991

Tadao Ando b. Osaka, Japan, 1941. Self-educated in architecture. In 1969, established Tadao Ando Architect & Associates. Awards include the Annual Prize. Architectural Institute of Japan (1979); the Japanese Cultural Design Prize (1983); Alvar Aalto Medal (1985); Annual Award, Japanese Ministry of Education (1986); Mainichi Art Prize (1987); Isoya

Yoshida Award (1988); Gold Medal of Architecture. French Academy of Architecture (1989); Osaka Art Prize (1990). Project specifications Japan Pavilion Expo f92 (Seville, Spain), 1989-91, pp. 280-83 Client: Government of Japan. Area built: 5660.3 m2.

Design team: J.C. Theilacker Pons, J.F. Chico Contijoch, J.M Marco Cardona, J. Martines Calzón, Pedro Ibanez. Construction company: Takenaka España. Key materials: glue laminated wood. Bibliography

GA Architect. Tokyo (A.D.A. Edita), 1987 Architectural Monographs 14, London (Academy Editions), New York (St Martin Press) 1990

Antonio Barrlonuevo Ferrer b. Seville, Spain, 1947. Graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona in 1973. Project specifications Housing Block in Pino Montano (Seville, Spain). 1981-83, pp. 114-15 Client: Patronato Municipal de la Vivienda. Design team: Javier Ruiz Recco. Construction company: Dragados y Construcciones, S.A. Bibliography

Barrionuevo Ferrer, A., Arquitectura y Vivienda, no. 3 , 1985, pp. 54-57 Arquitectura Español 1950-1980, Madrid (Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Urbanismo. Dirección General de Arquitectura), 1987

Mario Bellini

Degree in architecture from the Politécnico of Milan (1959). Directed the Milan Triennale exhibitions 'II progetto domestico* (1986) and 'Le cittá del mondo e il futuro delle Metropoli' (1988). Twenty-five of his works are in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Since 1986, he has been the director of the monthly review Domus. Project specifications Industrial and Office Complex on the Via Kuliscioff (Milan. Italy). 1982-88, pp. 218-19

Client: Scotti Immobiliare s.p.a.

Design team: G. Origlia (architect); C. Pedraz-

zini (engineer); 0. De Luca (architect); L Morandi (geom.).

Construction company: for the structure, Cat-

taneo Costruzioni Bergamo, s.p.a.; for the panels, IPM s.r.e., Molinella.

Key materials: prefabricated panels of cement and granulated pink marble; the 4 steel trusses from which are suspended the portions of the slabs related to the vault.

Budget: 13,000 million lire.

Site characteristics: a mixed zone, made up of residential and industrial units.


Ranzini, E. (ed.), Mario Bellini, Architettura, Milan (Electa), 1988

Ricardo Bofill b. Barcelona, Spain, 1939. Studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1963 founded the Taller de Arquitectura, his design firm. Project specifications La Muralla Roja (Alicante. Spain), 1969-72. pp. 52-53

Client: Manuel Palomar Llovet.

Built area: 3650 m2.

Design team: Manolo Nunez Yanowsky.

Construction firm: Emilio Bofill S.A.

Key materials: brick, concrete.

Budget: 50 million pesetas.

Site characteristics: rocky coast above the sea.

Les Colonnes de Saint Christophe (Cergy-

Pontoise, Paris, France), 1981-86, pp.

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