Opposite) Ground floor plan (lop) Site plan Move) Exterior view formed by the villas lining the Main. An orthogonal grid, abstracted from the Villa Metzler, and a discrepant second grid oriented towards the river are overlaid, generating the skewed spatial structure of the plan. The formal order of the building is thus generated by superimposition.

Characteristic of Meier's work, there are echoes here of pre-war 'purism', an aura of floating and refined, modulated light reminiscent of German Rococo. As one proceeds from room to room, one's impression is of calculated elegance and studied calmness, appropriate qualities for a museum building and felicitous to the character of its location. There is. too, an atmosphere of opulence, clarity, polite conservatism, even predictability, removed from any surprises. This helps to underline the 'minor' character of the objects displayed in the museum, but perhaps it overlooks the innovative quality that at least some of them share with 'high' art. But then, surprise and adventure are not the qualities of Meier's impeccably, implacably purist oeuvre.

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