We decided to exploit as much as we could this intuitive image, not only in relation to the overall volumetric appearance, but also to the anecdotal details that would reinforce it and that were already present in many classical-inspired popular Catalan buildings.

To insert a functional house into a Palladian belvedere seemed to us like something that would generate a still stranger superimposi-tion. Looking at these photographs we are reminded of the much more beautiful Neoclassical pergolas, and of the no less ridiculous 40-square-metre houses.'

The elements are unquestionably regional, the aura of the work overtly Catalonian and Mediterranean. Nevertheless, the composition transcends the merely folkloristic, regional aspect of the elements by using them in arresting, novel ways. But there is another value in the work, its function as a kind of analogy. It seems that the building says that belvederes are car parks, or rather, in a more cynical mode, parking lots are the belvederes of our time. This forces us to reconsider our stereotypes of both and consequently to reconsider stereotypes in general. By its inventiveness, Belvedere Georgina fired an appetite for inventive thinking at a moment when too many clich├ęs appeared to have been accumulating in Spain, but also in Europe. In the words of the Spanish architectural critic Anton Capitel, Belvedere Georgina became one of the most powerful and significant - it may even be said one of the earliest - images, and one which seemed most clearly to trigger a new way of thinking and acting'. Its great appeal, to quote the psychologist and philosopher Jerome Bruner on the cognitive function of literature as art, was to open 'us to dilemmas, to the hypothetical, to the range of the possible', protecting us from 'the boredom induced by empty ideas pretentiously paraded1.

(Opposite, top) The rooftop terrace with its parked car

(Opposite, left) The colonnade seen from the ground floor

(Opposite, right) The house within its landscape

(Above) Plans for (left to right) the ground floor; the terrace with the parked car; the roof

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