Memory And Invention

Winner of an American Institute of Architects Award for Architectural Criticism

T/oms and Lefaivre prove that the last two decades In Europe nave seen somothmg of a monumental golden age - The Observer

The sharpest overview yet of the jumbled terrain of the last quarterxentury in Europe The New York Times Book Review

'Clear focus, economy of expression. good selection of colour photographs, drawings and plans In its first goal of making recent building exciting, the book succeeds quickly and consistently' - The Times Literary Supplement

Well produced ...excellent review - The Architects' Journal

Selected by The New York Times Book Review as an Architectural Book of the Yeat. Architecture In Europe since I960 surveys two and o half decades of a period characterized by discord between tradition and invention, modem and ant» modern, ond an abundance of disparate design solutions. A wide ranging introductory text and contributions by eminent cntics including Jean Louis Cohen. Lucius Burckhardt. Frit/ Neumeyer and Peter Rice address the major issues of the period: urban context and change, typology, technology and ecology. Over 75 projects are presented, with critical essays locating each in contoxt. together with photographs, drawings, site diagrams, construction details and bibliographical data Here is an important contribution to contemporary debate on aichitecture - an essential source of reference.

Alexander Tzonis is Professor of Architectural Theory at the University of Technology at Delft, and Director of the AK&AIIA research group on architectural cognition. Among his publications are Towards a NonOppressive Environment (1972) and. with Liane Lefaivre. The Origins of Modem Architecture (1984). Classical Architecture (1986) and Architecture in North Amenca since 196011995). published by Thames and Hudson. Uane Lefaivre is a researcher at the University of Technology at Delft. She is the author of Leon Battista Athens Hypnerotomachia PoUphMi'; Re Cognizing the Architectural Body in the Early Italian Renaissance (1997).

With S63 Illustrations. 201 In colour

Thames and Hudson

30 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3QP



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