Preface And Acknowledgments

We are also indebted to many of the university's members, above all Catenna Bürge, who assisted in the development of the book in all its stages, Yu Li. who earned out bibliographical research. Nan Fang. Xiadong U, Alexander Koutamanis. Catherine Visser. Leo Oorschot. Eric Offermans. Toos Schoenmakers and all the members of our research group. Architecture Knowledge Systems. Also included in our acknowledgments should be the first year students of the Harvard Graduate School of Design dunng the 1970s.

We would like to express our thanks to Luis Fernández Gahano. who introduced us to Spanish architecture, to Anthony Tischhauser who eagerly responded to all our calls for help, as well as to Aldo Castellano. Richard Ingersoll. Adrian Jolies. Claudia Jolies. Luca Molinan. Toshio Nakamura. Judy and Tician Papachristou. André Schimmerling. Giorgos Simtoforidis. Giorgos Tsirtsilakis and Yushi Uehara. for their suggestions and advice. We are also grateful to Adelina von Fürstenberg for her help in documenting the Daniel Libeskind project.

We would like to express our special thanks to Deidi von Schaewen for her generous help without which the book would have been a less interesting one.

Over the years. Stathis Eust has supported our work by nurturing our archive on an almost weekly basis, which we gratefully acknowledge here.

It was proposed to us by our publishers that we should undertake this publication and we are grateful to all those who. at various stages, have guided us in this enterprise, from commissioning to publication. As with most of our writings in the last six years, this book took shape under the jasmine bower in the shady garden of the Miranda, on the island of Hydra, in Greece.

Delft. 1992

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