Died on site and held up on internal beams attached to colossal pylons. The roof of metal-braced teflon, which dips on the short sides and rises on the long sides of the oval-shaped field, is supported by steel ribs placed around the upper rim of the seating.

As in most of Piano's architecture, the design is extremely functional. The circulation inside and outside the stadium works very successfully. The route to one's seat is clear. Following the radiating paths from the parking lots to the stairs, one never leaves daylight. Other facilities, such as public lavatories, offices, bars and information desks, are compactly placed under the shaded portico below the stands. Underneath the stands runs an internal route along which are the dressing rooms and four gymnasia; this also gives access to emergency exits. The extensive sloping pine grove that separates the parking areas from the stadium tends to neutralize the negative effects of the overheated asphalt of the car parks and to cool the inside of the stadium, as well as providing an environmental amenity for the spectators - an unusual feature in mass sports facilities.

(Opposite) Urban plan and exterior view (Above) Elevation

(Centre) Structural detail of canopy (Right) The stands

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