A book of this scope would not have been possible without the active and passive support of many friends, colleagues, and scholars who have contributed greatly to my thinking and insights during the writing of this book, and who were instrumental in the crystallization and formulation of my thoughts on many of the subjects and issues discussed within. To them I am heavily indebted, as I am to the innumerable people and organizations that have contributed ideas, comments, photographs, illustrations, and other items that have helped make this book a reality instead of a pipe-dream.

I must also confess that without the enthusiasm and encouragement of Lone Wolf Enterprises, Ltd., this book might never have seen the light of day. Thus, my special thanks to Roger Woodson, President of Lone Wolf Enterprises, for his continuous support, advice, and assistance in the fostering of this book. I would also especially like to salute and express my deepest appreciation to Rick Sutherland and Barb Karg, who edited and produced the book, provided me with invaluable expertise, talent, and counsel, and managed (with their wonderful sense of humor) to carry me through the final stretch. It is refreshing to know that editors of their kind and caliber still exist. I thought they had become extinct. I also wish to acknowledge Ellen Weider, another highly valued and dedicated member of the Lone Wolf team, who did the copyedit for the manuscript.

The author especially wishes to express a deep appreciation to the distinguished architecture and planning firm of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, PC. (HOK), and the pioneering furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller, Inc., who went out of their way to be helpful and to whom I am deeply indebted. At HOK, I would particularly like to express my gratitude to Bill Stinger, senior principal in the Washington office, and Susan Grossinger, Senior Vice President HOK Interiors, in the Los Angeles office for their continuous support. Also at HOK, I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Juliette Lam, Susan Mitchell-Katzes, Audrey Hoge, and Sandy Mendler for providing me with the cover photograph and other essential information and illustrations.

At Herman Miller, Inc., I wish to thank Corporate Communications Director Mark Schurman and Corporate Archivist Robert Viol for their continuous support and advice, and Robert Viol for putting up with my constant requests and providing me with many of the wonderful illustrations depicting the Action Office, Ethospace, the new Resolve System, and other excellent products that enhance this book. Also at

Herman Miller, my heart-felt thanks to Gail Toliver, Strategic Design Consultant, and Karen Witzel, 3D Marketing Renderer, for providing typical questionnaires and illustrations at such short notice.

Thanks are also extended to Jan Lakin, Director of Media Relations at Gensler, Architects and Interior Designers, to Steve Millnick of Gerard Engineering and Kazim Abbud, Consulting Engineer, for reviewing the Technical Issues section in Chapter 11, and for their expert comments and suggestions. I also wish to acknowledge architect Jasna Bijelic of Davies, Carter, Scott, Architects and Interior Designers, Jeanine Hill of Steelcase PR for putting at my disposal many excellent images, Georgy Olivieri, Director of Architecture and Design Markets at Teknion for the many fine illustrations and advice she provided, Angie Flory of ARCOM Master Systems for information and catalogues on specification software, my friends and colleagues at Inspection & Valuation International, Inc. (IVI), perhaps the largest and most reputable Due Diligence firm in the country, and to architects Wil McBeath and Robert Cox.

Chapter 11 would not have been complete without the illustrations provided by Jim Keener and Daphne Correa of Platts (a Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies). Molly Murray, manager with the CAP Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, provided me with a wealth of information on this incredible software package. To these wonderful professionals, I can only say, "Thank you."

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Ibtesam, for her continuous love and support, and for drawing several of the CAD and line illustrations. I also wish to thank the many people who mean so much to me and who kept me going with their enthusiasm and knowledge. I relied upon them in so many ways: for advice, support, and motivation. Without them, I could not have completed this book.

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