Design Development Phase

During the design development phase, the planner refines the approved schematic design so that the size, scope, and character of the project are generally fixed. Drawings, color boards, samples, furniture selections, and other specifics of the job are presented to the client for final approval or modification before starting work on the contract documents phase.

Design development documents usually include detailed plans showing partition and door locations, furniture and fixture layout, lighting design, sketches of special built-in cabinetwork and furniture, and other elevation or three-dimensional drawings sufficient to describe the character of the design (Figures 2.14a, 2.14b). In some cases, outline construction specifications may also be developed. Again, at the end of this phase, the client must review and approve the final scheme before proceeding further. The designer also submits another estimate of project cost for approval, reflecting the changes and specific decisions made since the schematic design phase.

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