Electrical System Plans

Electrical, telephone and communication outlets can be shown on one of several plans. With residential construction, they can be drawn on the construction floor plan because installation is fairly simple. On commercial projects on the other hand, the floor plan may be crowded with other unrelated information, and so a separate power plan is usually needed. In addition to showing the outlets themselves, exact dimensions are given when their location is critical. Outlets can also be shown on furniture plans as the outlets most often directly relate to the placement of desks, seating groups, and other furniture.

Power plans developed by the space planner are then given to the electrical engineer to prepare the electrical plans. These plans will contain all the detailed information concerning circuiting, wire size, conduit size, panel boxes, and other data required by the electrical contractor. Figures 11.4 and 11.5 illustrate typical electrical plans as drawn by a space planner or interior designer and an electrical engineer. As with mechanical plans, standard symbols are used to indicate common electrical items. Some of the more common ones are shown in Figure 11.6.

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