General Overview

The hallmark of a good space planner/interior designer is the ability to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As discussed in the previous chapter, the design process is usually very methodical and often extremely time consuming, with frequent infusions of creativity.

The designer/space planner proceeds from a basic idea to a final solution, beginning by studying the space to be designed. Where existing floor plans can be found, all well and good; where none exist, a survey needs to be conducted and the relevant areas drawn to an appropriate scale.

For a small project such as a residence or small retail outlet, a scale of V4 inch = 1 foot (1/50) would probably be acceptable. For a larger complex, like a shopping mall, office building or factory, a /o inch = 1 foot (1/100) scale may be more appropriate for the overall plan, and a larger scale, such as inch = 1 foot (1/25) for smaller spaces within the overall plan. A detail for a door or coving on the other hand may require an even larger scale like one quarter full size (Figure 3.1).

FIGURE 3.1a Illustration showing Burdick Group Furniture by Herman Miller at IS inch (1/100) scale.

FIGURE 3.1b Illustration showing Burdick Group Furniture by Herman Miller at 14 inch (1/50) scale.
FIGURE 3.1c Illustration showing Burdick Group Furniture by Herman Miller at 12 inch (1/25) scale.

The planner should include as much relevant information on the drawings as possible, including door locations and swings, window and partition locations, heights of ceilings, windows and door schedules, electrical outlets, and proposed and existing finishes.

Modern technology is basically utilitarian, so the question for corporations and other clients is how to integrate the needs of technology with those of the organization. The physical relationship between workers and their machines will continue to be an issue as people spend increasing amounts of time dealing with each other through machines. Improving the comfort of sitting at computers for long hours would be best dealt with as a combined effort between corporations and manufacturers. Modern interior spaces have incorporated and integrated new technologies as they become available.

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