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MicroStation is the keystone of Bentley's solutions for building, civil engineering, transportation, process plants, discrete manufacturing facilities, utilities and telecommunication networks. Microstation PowerDraft provides industry-recognized tools for 2D and simple 3D production drafting. Bentley View is a powerful viewing and printing application that extends the programs accessibility of engineering data, and Bentley Redline combines easy-to-use markup tools with the viewing and printing capabilities of Bentley View.

FIGURE 10.6b A digital rendering by Tony Primerano using TurboCad software.

The program gives users the ability to create 3D models of permanent assets; the models and all of their components are electronic simulations of real world objects. Whether it is design and engineering, or construction and operation, created models hold all information about the asset and its configuration, simplifying project management and making the operation of the facility more efficient and cost-effective.

MicroStation architectural design applications are delivered with libraries of parametric building parts and support i-links to vendor and manufacturer product catalogs. All aspects of the design are integrated into a 3D model, and a powerful set of visualization and simulation tools provides dynamic and photo-realistic reviews. Traditional drawings, bills of materials and other reports can also be extracted from the model, acting as a geometrically indexed database of AEC content.

MicroStation TriForma and Architecture for MicroStation TriForma

MicroStation TriForma is 3D solids modeling software for architectural and engineering design (Figure 10.7). In particular, it provides a common technology platform for the building and plant industry, and consistent user interface for architectural and engineering design. It also provides a robust set of tools designed to address object management, modeling and drafting, visualization, drawing and report extraction and interference review; resulting in faster, better, more cost effective projects. MicroStation TriForma improves communication and coordination by laying the foundation for a set of discipline-specific applications that address the needs of the other disciplines involved in the building process; including solutions for architectural, structural, mechanical, piping, equipment, and electrical raceway design.

The recently released V8 Generation of Architecture for MicroStation TriForma, essentially provides a parametric modeling product that offers architects unprecedented topological modeling capabilities, automated extraction of production drawings and reports, and tight integration with related Bentley applications. Architecture for MicroStation TriForma automates the architectural design and production process,from conceptual design to construction documentation by integrating 3D modeling and 2D drawing production, reporting, visualization and animation for producing vivid presentations.

Architecture for MicroStation TriForma provides a large array of drawing aids such as associativity between elements, space planning tools, parametric components, an AIA/NCS compliant dataset and the ability to create shapes of any kind. Likewise, it will provide a unified and flexible design environment for any project, and is no longer explicitly tied to the DGN file format, as it will natively reference and edit AutoCAD® DWG files directly, making it the universal engineering design platform for the world's two most popular Computer-Aided Design formats.

Tom Anderson,AIA,Vice President of Product Marketing at Bentley, commented that,"Archi-tecture for MicroStation TriForma adds discipline-specific functionality to MicroStation TriForma, Bentley's parametric Building and Plant Engineering Configuration." Nigel Davies, CAD Devel opment Manager of Whitby Bird says, "The developments in Architecture for MicroStation for TriForma over the recent months have improved the product incomparably," adding "Building on top of the advances V8 has allowed, the product is now the premier integrated project modeling tool, not just for engineers, but the complete AEC community."

The program was developed in consultation with leading architectural firms and built on the sturdy MicroStation TriForma foundation, Architecture for MicroStation TriForma enables architects to design with greater efficiency and better productivity. In addition to the Architecture for MicroStation TriForma architectural application, there is HVAC for MicroStation TriForma (for mechanical engineers), and Structural for MicroStation TriForma (primarily optimizes MicroStation TriForma for structural design and construction documentation and performs structural analysis and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures).

Microstation Rendering
FIGURE 10.7 An interior rendering using MicroStation software. (Cooper Carry,Inc.Architects,Atlanta, GA)

Project Architect and Project Architect Plus

Project Architect, is a comprehensive, plan-based architectural design and production drawing software built to work on the MicroStation CAD engine, and extends the MicroStation commands with over 300 features that are specific to the architectural workflow, and greatly simplifying the process of putting architectural designs into CAD (Figure 10.8). Many of the complex generic drawing commands are combined and are easy to understand, using colorized design tools (that are customizable and dockable) to create floor plans with intelligent building components (such as columns, walls, doors, windows, stairs, and furniture) and three-

Microstation Rendering
FIGURE 10.8 An interior rendering using MicroStation software.

dimensional models. In addition, data created during pre-construction phases can be used later for essential building management tasks. Furthermore, they integrate seamlessly with the underlying MicroStation CAD platform. Revisions are also fast and simple.

The program supports and automates the workflow from project management though schematic design and automatic 3D model creation to construction documentation. It also automatically extracts schedules, quantity reports, sections, elevations, and models from the building database, ensuring total coordination with floor plans. This dramatically increases an operator's productivity over generic CAD or manual drafting design, and is ideally suited for architectural environments of all sizes, from single-seat design studios to large multi-discipline architecture and engineering firms.

Intergraph's Project Architect Plus includes intelligent 3-D models, clash envelopes and familiar PDS project integration commands to share models, part information, and interference information among the PDS design environments.

Project Architect Plus is a plan-based architectural design and modeling tool for MicroStation users, which includes all of the functionality of Project Architect with enhancements that further improve the level of integration with the Intergraph PDS family of products.The program allows you to design sophisticated buildings, generate intelligent 3D models for inspection and presentation, extract envelope files for PDS clash detection, review clashes with objects from the PDS family tools (PDS, PE-HVAC, FrameWorks Plus, RaceWay and EQP) and call up and locate objects created in any other PDS design environment.

Project and file management capabilities allow for creation, tracking, sharing and protection of designs across a network and for the tracking and initialization of files from any application on the desktop, and is ideal for handling complex assortment of data created in today's busy architectural office. MicroStation Converter is another useful application that is a two-way translator designed for AutoCAD users that need compatibility with Intergraph Microstation Files.

Herman Miller is one of many manufacturers of furniture and architectural elements that provide software packages for Cad systems like MicroStation and AutoCAD. These software packages include 2D plan and elevation cells and tag data, and are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 7.

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