Wdrldgate 3 Officif Blji1 Dtnc

ABC .4 rchiffcti rf■ Space /'¿inner; First Floor:

March 24, 2002

] Rojjtacc brnlttn visnri glazing patw! - 5 wall.

2. Mikili patch fll C-O. a^f al interior ^¿is jt>i:r lu ¡franite ftxir (ijpivjll J. Inflall rtnor to oat CflTriilOf from [city.

4. Clean Jrywilll dm or J mud al inlcrsecikia. ufC.W. jrtJ w.dl (NE cnmcr DlW ieMC RJieB>.

5. Finish «diking fkWT control jo Inl (EIkik ureal. Rcptace doa-rs which m* nKOrtfiJtly prtppid.

7, install miiii-biirtJA,

8. Finish ¡-iv.r cleaning IfrtnrS. JtOfS. 4tC. itypieal) imaftull sprinkler h«J wcutabeons (typ.) i-onding Area i. Tenth up pjint at double (foots to corridor I*- Touch up paint at wall*, e. Trim cut walls at joint to door Sam«), d. InSall door stops.

11 Swiietigcar Ron its a. Toifch up paint al Trails.

Rrrno™ pupcr Ihiin -ill i*ul] fixlurtti, etc. C, install door stop.

12. PumpRooflt a. Touch up paint on door.

(?■ EtPHJVC pjpLT JVujll LlE flMUlLS. ult".

C. losijdl door ."flop.

13. Engineers Oflicc a. Inilall tr.WjSkin strip al VCT floor under door. I>. instil! ceo: stop, c. Inil.nl! cutis! cflpbtlc.

14. Exit Corridor a, Cban off hase

Touch up pabu al walls, t. ftepuir jjypv board around eloclric outlet

FIGURE 2.17 Example of punch list items for an office building.

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