Cab and Hallway Signals

Cab and hallway signals and lanterns are designed to fit ^ with the decor of cabs and corridors. The ADA specifies requirements for signals appropriate for people with disabilities. Codes mandate the location of visible and audible hall call signals or lanterns within sight of the floor area adjacent to the elevator. These signals must be cen

1725 mm (68") minimum for cars with side opening doors; 2030 mm min. for center opening doors

Figure 47-3 Accessible elevator floor plan.

tered a minimum of 183 cm (72 in.) above the floor at each hoistway entrance. Both jambs of the elevator hoistway entrances must have signage with raised characters and Braille floor designations, centered 152 cm (60 in.) above the floor. Hall call buttons are to be centered 107 cm (42 in.) above the floor in each elevator lobby.

Hall call buttons indicate the direction of travel, and confirm visually that the call has been placed. A hall lantern at each car entrance gives a visible indication of the direction of travel of the arriving elevator, and can also indicate its present location. An audible signal of the car's imminent arrival allows people to move to the arriving car and speeds up service. Hall stations may have special switches for fire, priority, and limited access service.

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