Chilled Water

Most public buildings provide chilled drinking water. Previously, a central chiller with its own piping system was used to distribute the cold water. More recently, water is chilled in smaller water coolers at each point of use, providing better quality at less cost. A pump constantly circulates the chilled water, so you don't have to wait for the water to get cold. The chilled water piping must be covered with insulation in a vapor-tight wrap to avoid condensation.

Hot Water

Domestic hot water (DHW) is hot water that is used for bathing, clothes washing, washing dishes, and many other things, but not for heating building spaces. Domestic hot water is sometimes called building service hot water in nonresidential uses. Sometimes, when a well-insulated building uses very little water for space heating but uses a lot of hot water for other purposes, a single large hot water heater supplies both.

Solar Power

Solar Power

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