Special Acoustic Absorbers

Space units are blocks of fibrous and porous material made of mineral fibers or fiberglass. They look much like acoustic tile and are typically 50 mm (2 in.) thick. Space units are applied to hard wall and ceiling surfaces. They absorb sound efficiently, helped by the exposure of their thick sides.

Functional absorbers are free-hanging cylinders used in industrial applications. They employ both surface absorption and tuned resonances to absorb sound and help reduce noise and reverberation in a room.

Quadratic-residue diffusers consist of a series of narrow wells of unequal depth separated by even narrower plates. Typical depths are 10 to 41 cm (4—16 in.) or more. This results in an attractive ribbed appearance. Quadratic-residue diffusers work by spreading the sound reflections over a wide arc at an angle to their wells. They are used in broadcast and recording studios, control rooms, and wherever specular reflections off plain surfaces are to be avoided. They can be made of any hard material and may be engineered to work over a wide range of frequencies.

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