Sprinkler System Components

Sprinkler systems are designed to start to put out the fire and to send out an alarm simultaneously. When water flows through a sprinkler head, an alarm gong goes off outside the building. The gong alerts people outside the building to the fire, and allows the occupants to make additional firefighting arrangements to minimize loss and to speed the end of the fire. Turning off sprinklers as soon as possible prevents water dam-

age. The alarm is often connected to a private regional supervisory office that calls the municipal fire department. All public buildings and some other buildings are required to have a fire detection and alarm system with an indicator of the location of the fire in the custodian's office.

Sprinkler systems need an adequate water supply, and standby power for water pumping. Siamese connections (Fig. 45-2) allow fire engines to pump water into the system from outside the building. They are installed close to the ground on the exterior of a building and provide two or more connections through which the fire department can pump water to a standpipe or sprinkler system. Tall buildings may have elevated water storage tanks that can help supply water for sprinklers.

Sprinkler systems require very large supply pipes, valves, and fire pumps. The valves are used to shut the system off for maintenance, system modification, or replacement of heads that have operated after a fire. An improperly closed valve is the major reason for sprinkler system failure. Fire pumps provide required water

Ted's client wanted to add a direct entrance from the street to his new retail store. The site, however, was a historic building, and the Landmark Commission insisted that the new door exactly mirror the appearance and location of the existing door to the building on the opposite end of the facade. This posed a problem because a big brass Siamese sprinkler system connection was located right in front of the proposed new door. The placement of the door was critical to the interior design of the store, and Ted needed to have the problem settled before he could finish his design.

Once the contractor got into the building, he discovered that the piping for the sprinkler connection was tight against a granite foundation wall. The connection could be moved off to one side, but not completely out of the way. By moving the connection as far to the side as possible, and by widening the door's framing detail, Ted and the contractor were able to install the new door where it would work from the inside, while still being acceptable to the Landmark Commission on the outside. The result looks like it has always been there.

pressure in a standpipe or sprinkler system when the pressure in the system drops below a preselected value.

Many code authorities will accept combining sprinkler piping with the heating and cooling system, heat recovery system, hot and chilled water thermal storage system, or solar energy system, permitting construction cost savings.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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