Television Systems

Closed circuit television is used for security in banks, retail stores, high-rise apartment buildings, and industrial complexes. Access to parking lots and garages and to elevators is often monitored with closed circuit TV. Closed circuit TV needs adequate uniform lighting without dark spots to operate properly. Systems are available with cameras that pan, tilt, or zoom; these may be directed automatically or from a central monitoring console. However, it is more common to simply add additional cameras to cover all contingencies.

Cable TV systems may receive signals from an outdoor antenna or a satellite dish, a cable company, or a closed circuit system. If several TV outlets are required in a space, a 120V outlet is supplied with a plug-in amplifier. Coaxial cables in a nonmetallic conductor raceway transmit the amplified signal to the various outlets. We look at requirements for television systems in residential buildings later on.

Figure 36-1 Emergency phone system.
Solar Power

Solar Power

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