The Design Team

In the past, architects were directly responsible for the design of the entire building. Heating and ventilating consisted primarily of steam radiators and operable windows. Lighting and power systems were also relatively uncomplicated. Some parts of buildings, such as sinks, bathtubs, cooking ranges, and dishwashers, were considered separate items in the past, but are now less portable and more commonly viewed as fixed parts of the building. Portable oil lamps have been replaced by lighting fixtures that are an integral part of the building, tied into the electrical system.

Today, the architect typically serves as the leader and i( coordinator of a team of specialist consultants, including structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, along with fire protection, acoustic, lighting, and elevator specialists. Interior designers work either directly for the architect as part of the architectural team, or serve as consultants to the architect. Energy-conscious design requires close coordination of the entire design team from the earliest design stages.

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