Towel Warmers

Towel warmers (Fig. 24-9) are designed to dry and warm towels, and also serve as a heat source in a bathroom or spa. They are available in electronic and hydronic

Figure 24-9 Towel warmer.

models, with a variety of styles and finishes. Electric towel warmers are easy to install and fairly flexible as to location. They should not be located where you can reach them while in bath water. Some towel warmers have time clocks to turn them on and off. Models are available that attach to a door's hinge pins, to the wall, or are free standing.

Hydronic towel warmers are connected to either the home's heating system or to a loop of hot water that circulates from the home's hot water tank. If they are connected to the heating system, the heat must be turned on for the towel warmer to operate. They are more complicated to install than electric warmers, but are more flexible in location, as they can be installed near a tub or whirlpool. Multirail towel warmers have several cross rails, allowing the towel warmer to be sized to heat the bathroom.

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