Stepped dovetailed splice

(Koshikake aritsugi)

This simple splicc is utilized primarily to join groundsills. The most common lumber sections range from 105mm to 120mm square. The ends to be spliced are notched at half depth. The male is shaped like the tail of a dove, narrow at the girth then llaring out. The female is precisely hollowed out to fit. A snug fit is a common characteristic of all joints. This joint is simply assembled by sliding the male into the female. No axial shifting is rcquircd.This feature makes this joint particularly useful on groundsills. Eventhough this splicc aims to resist tension in a structure, its effective tensile strength is small.

Japanese Joint Types Stepped Splice


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Malo and female ifl

Malo and female spitce 3


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0 The male slides into the female

A tension test was carried out on an assembly of typical dimensions.

The tested splice was made of black pine with an average annual ring width of 2.5mm. The compressive capacity (yield strength) of black pine is 420kg/cm2. The female failed in tension by developing a longitudinal crack originating from a nook and following the grain. The ultimate tensile strength of the splice was «180kg.

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Oal gauge



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V Back Side


Arrangements of dial gauges

Arrangements of dial gauges

Test sample dimensions i.

literal drspiacOTeri on the tertfe <rd (average of gajge 3 and 4)

Axiai dsplacement of gauge 1 ard 2)

DtspbcOTeni <mm) Load-displacement curve

DtspbcOTeni <mm) Load-displacement curve



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