Triple plug

This assembly connects three beams on three faces of a column. The two opposite beams arc spliced through the column. The first beam to be connected (beam 1, short male) is perpendicular to the other two beams. A dowel secures it to the column. The second part of the assemblage proceeds in the same fashion as for the preceding joint. The lower part of the tenons of beam 2 (male) and beam 3 (female) is shorter than on the double plug due to the presence of the extra beam. A very tight joint works better. In order to achieve this, the long projecting tenon of beam 2 (male) is made a few millimeters shorter than the dimensions quoted in the figure. The triple plug gives the appearance of continuity when seen from the inside. Seen from the outside, a scam can be seen where the two opposite beams meet.

From left to right: beam 1 (female), beam 2 (short male), column, beam 3 (male) A dowol. draw pin and two keys are at the front.


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Kakushi Tsugi Dimensions

Beam 1 '.short male)

Beam 3 (female)

Beam 1 '.short male)

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